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Diversity at LCU

One of our core values at LCU is people. This means plain and simple: people matter. No matter your background or experiences, you will be welcomed at LCU. Each student can expect to be treated with respect, dignity, and care. In fact, our student body is very diverse, and we strive to celebrate the unique individuals that make up our community through events such as Black History Month, International Luncheon, and Taste of Culture. All of these events are ways to share the unique backgrounds of our students, faculty, and staff.

Snapshot of the LCU Community

Students interacting in the mall

So, who makes up our LCU community? You might be surprised

Ethnic Diversity

  • American Indian/Alaska Native  1.50%
  • Asian/SEA/Indian  0.61%
  • African American  4.96%
  • Foreign  1.56%
  • Hispanic  22.09%
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander  0.41%
  • White  68.86%

Gender Diversity

  • Female 60.03%
  • Male 39.97%

Age Diversity

  • Traditional (24 or younger) 63.02%
  • Non-Traditional (25 or older 36.98%

Religious Diversity

  • Church of Christ 35.01%
  • Baptist 11.96%
  • Non-Denominational 13.87%
  • Catholic 11.15%
  • Methodist 3.33%

National/International Diversity

Our students come from 35 states and 20 countries!

Student Organizations & Diversity Programs

Do you like learning about others and the world? Do you want to share your unique individuality with the LCU campus? Below are some ways to get involved!

  • International Luncheon
    A monthly lunch of home cooking for international students and students interested in global issues or missions. Each month a different country and cuisine is featured.

  • Minority Student Alliance
    Minority Student Alliance (MSA) is a student-lead organization that focuses on different cultures and emphasizes diversity on the campus of Lubbock Christian University. By keeping the minority student body informed on current events, MSA provides opportunities to excel scholastically, and opportunities to overcome social barriers.

  • Paisano
    Paisano is an institutional inclusiveness and community engagement initiative. The initiative was named for the slang Spanish term for friend, paisano, which is also a regional term to describe the chaparral by ranchers and farmers, making the term appropriate for the LCU Chaparrals. The initiative began as an outreach to the emerging Latino community and first generation college students. LCU continues to see growth with both of those populations.