Functional Title: Graduate Admissions Coordinator
Classification: Exempt
Department: Graduate Studies
Reports To: Director of Graduate Studies
Primary Function: Assist perspective students with the degree options and application process.  Communicate with applicant regarding documents and requirements needed.

Major Duties:

  • Discuss degree options and application process with inquiries/applicants
  • Receive inquiries/applications and create LCU records in PowerCampus and SharePoint
  • Sort, evaluate and process all required documents received for admission to a graduate program.  Credit file for applicant, upload into SharePoint and update depts. and applicants
    1. Letters of reference- appropriate as to guidelines.
    2. Transcripts
      • Calculation of last [60] hr GPA when necessary
      • Calculation of upper-division academic credits when required, and appropriate steps taken if issue is discovered
    3. Accreditation of degree granting institution
    4. Exam
    5. Medical records
    6. International documents
  • Communicate with person/institution sending application items whenever necessary
    1. Resolve technical issues
    2. Confirm authenticity or clarify issues/statements
    3. Confirm receipt
  • Communication with applicants
    1. Notify of changes to application file
    2. Respond to phone calls, emails, meeting requests
    3. Notify graduate applicants of admission or denial
  • Supervise the graduate website; and maintain and update the online documents.  Add material for departments concerning the changes in the various programs.
  • Designated School Official
    • Communicate with the inquirer/applicant to determine exactly which documents will be required (docs required can vary widely, based upon situation)
    • Evaluate all required documents received from international applicants
    • Evaluate and accept international transcripts from agencies such as Global Credential Evaluators.
    • Contact Federal agencies to verify that international student is completing documentation required to enter a graduate program
      • Create and otherwise maintain SEVIS records
    • Work with F-1 students and their families, academic departments and federal agencies to confirm each semester that F-1/F-2 status is being maintained according to federal guidelines
    • Monitor students on CPT and OPT
    • Be capable of answering questions from the federal government on any international graduate student at any time
  • Serves as PowerCampus Setflow Administrator.  Responsible for training of new employees in the grad admissions setflow, or ongoing training of existing dept. admins, etc.
  • Coordinate with all grad departments regarding updates on new policies.
  • Communicate graduate enrollment goals and projections with Grad Council and grad departments.
  • Communicate with Medical Clinic, Student Affairs and Dean of Students whenever necessary regarding issues with students, changes in regulations, etc.
  • Meet regularly with administrative assistants from each of the master’s programs
  • Attend yearly conference on graduate admissions and report back to LCU any items that do/may impact graduate admissions at LCU.  Establish and maintain networking relationships with other private and public universities
  • Research other universities and determine how they handle changes in state/federal guidelines, new situations in graduate admissions, etc. and present options for change to LCU Director of Graduate Admissions and/or Graduate Council
  • Update academic departments daily of any changes to graduate records in Sharepoint.
  • Check GPA and academic standing of provisional as well as unconditional students as final grades are received for each semester. 
    1. Update departments, Financial Aid, and Registrar’s Office on progress of provisional students
    2. Disseminate academic discipline notices to students and update PowerCampus records as required.
    3. Assist suspended students with the appeal/readmission process
  • Complete student files required for each enrollment period.
    1. Be certain applicant understands type of acceptance, LCU ID, login/passwords, remaining steps in process, etc.
    2. Verify file is complete and accurate in PowerCampus and SharePoint
    3. Request pre-enrollment financial counseling from Financial Aid
    4. Communicate need for enrollment to Registrar’s Office
    5. Update dept./student
  • Provide technical support/troubleshooting for new students working with accounts for the first time, or with other students who are experiencing issues
  • Coordinate appeal hearings for grad students on suspension and update dept. and appellant of outcome.
  • Coordinate meetings for Grad Council.
  • Maintain minutes from Grad Council meetings, and minutes from appeal hearings.
  • Work with each master’s program that requires interviews, tests scores, or any additional steps for enrollment into a master’s program.
    1. Maintain shared documents providing instant awareness for department of standing in the application process, and communicating potential issues
  • Supervise all files kept for grad students.  This includes transferring to electronic files, shredding official docs after 2 years, and coordinating the removal of non-matriculating student records after pre-determined time. 
    1. Must coordinate with some departments regarding receiving additional dept. admission documents from them for scanning into SharePoint, or providing Education with my files for scanning into their section
  • Monitor enrollment and application counts and be capable of providing an update and/or comparisons to campus administration and Director of Graduate Studies at any time.
  • Appropriately handle disgruntled applicants, students, or graduate department
  • Assist with graduate section catalog revisions yearly, or as required
  • Perform administrative assistant duties for Director of Graduate Studies

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Must have strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to help students, faculty, and staff in a professional manner.
  • Knowledge of spreadsheets.
  • Strong ability to multitask and problem solve.
  • Ability to adapt to changes in the work environment.
  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality is essential.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor degree preferred.

Physical Requirements: 
While performing the essential duties of this job, the employee will be required to do the following:

  • Walk a long distance around campus and in buildings.
  • Required to regularly sit and stand.
  • Frequently use wrist, hands and/or fingers to make small repetitive movements such as typing, distributing mail and picking up small objects.
  • Ability to talk frequently to convey detailed and/or important instructions or ideas accurately, loudly or quickly.
  • Be able to hear average or normal conversations and receive verbal information.
  • Required to lift packages and/or move heavy objects, 50+lbs.