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Students serve by praying over members of the Lubbock community

200 Students Participate in Campus-Wide Local Service Project, Collide

Around 200 students gathered March 24 for Collide, a campus-wide service project focused on making a positive, local impact.

The event was coordinated by the Inter-Club Council chaplains, Hannah Tarron and Nathan Hull.

"One of the best things about LCU is the community," said Hull, a junior communications major. "Collide is about serving as Christians and alongside other Christians. We are the Church, going out and serving together. While we were serving, we were able to grow in our sense of community."

Students serve by picking up trash around Lubbock

This year, Collide coordinated with the Lubbock Dream Center, a Church on the Rock ministry which aims to transform the Lubbock community socially and spiritually. 

"So often we focus on people who need help far away instead of focusing on our own community," said Tarron, a junior family studies major. "There are people we can help here, reaching out and showing them Jesus by being His hands and feet."

Student volunteers were divided into groups devoted to serving spiritual and physical needs in the Lubbock community. The groups serving spiritually stopped to share encouragement and prayer with the people they encounter. Those serving spiritually picked up trash and waste around town. 

"Going out and helping and loving on people as much as we can is what we're called to do as Christians," said Hull.