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Presentation boards set up at the 2018 Healthy Families Conference

2018 Linda Cash Distinguished Service Award Honors Wendi Edwards

In the spirit of making sure Lubbock Christian University and the Bullard Institute for Strong Families works alongside and in conjunction with professionals who are already working tirelessly to serve families, we award a “Distinguished Service Award” during the annual Healthy Families Conference.

The 2017 award honored Dr. Linda Cash, someone in our community who had demonstrated leadership and made a significant contribution to the field of family and community health.

Dr. Linda Cash is a pioneer in the field and continues to add wisdom and direction to the service to families in a most powerful way. Because Dr. Cash’s work and character represents the spirit of the award and how we will measure all future recipients, this year we further honored her legacy by naming the award: The Linda Cash Distinguished Service Award. 

The Linda Cash Distinguished Service Award is given to a community professional who has demonstrated leadership and made significant contribution to the field of family and community health.

When the board of the Bullard Institute voted on this year’s nominees, it quickly became obvious who would be honored during the Healthy Families Conference. While the nominees were all high-caliber people with great character, Mrs. Wendi Edwards stood out as a life lived out in dedication to God and in service to others.  Countless individuals, families, students, and organizations have been impacted positively through her life’s work.

The 2018 award recipient, Wendi Edwards, was honored for her dedication to serving families through her 25 years of service at Adult Protective Services and 23 years of ministry to families at Green Lawn Church of Christ. 

Wendi graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1985 and graduated with her Bachelors of Social Work degree in 1990 from Lubbock Christian University. Upon graduation from LCU, she went to work as a social worker at a nursing home where she enjoyed working with the senior residents. After about a year, she took a job working for the Department of Human Services in the JOBS program. At that time, she was working with single mothers and fathers on government assistance to help them get employment or a degree or skill to be able to not have to rely on that assistance.

Wendi was hired in February of 1993 to become an Adult Protective Services (APS) investigator. Adult Protective Services is a state agency that investigates abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of those 65 or older and adults aged 18-64 with physical, mental, and intellectual disabilities. Wendi just celebrated her 25th year with APS in February 2018.

She has worked for the last 11 ½ years as the community engagement specialist for ½ of the Northwest District of Texas, which encompasses 107 counties. Her primary responsibilities at this time are to educate the community, raise awareness of abuse, neglect, and exploitation in this population, work with four boards around the district, and supervise volunteers and interns in all of these areas.

Wendi stated about her work, “I love my job and have a passion for those we serve. I am very passionate about helping seniors and those with disabilities to be safe and out of harm’s way from those who intend to hurt them… I love being around seniors, as they are fun, keep me young and on my toes, and have so much to offer and give back to our community.”       

Wendi Edwards has also served her church faithfully in all these years and it is with great honor that we get to know her and work alongside her.