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24 Hour Reading Marathon of New Testament Provides Source of Strength for LCU Students

Lubbock Christian University kicked off its 24 hour reading marathon of the New Testament following chapel on Monday, Apr. 20.

Dr. Susan Blassingame, Dean of the Hancock College of Liberal Arts and Education, explained that the event came to fruition at the request of students.

“Students have been asking for a reading marathon of the Bible for the past couple of years. Some of those students are graduation this semester, so I needed to get it done,” Dr. Blassingame explained.

After discussing the event with Randal Dement, Vice-President of Student Affairs, they decided that reading the New Testament and time spent in prayer and reflection might be a source of strength for the end of the semester. Not only will the reading serve as a source of strength, but it will also serve as a time to remember the people of Kenya following the recent terrorist attacks in the country.

“Alex Linscomb, Student Activities Director, Jim Beck, Professor of Missions, and Jonathan Dansby, Bible major, had been working on a prayer and reflection event to remember our brothers and sisters living and working in Kenya as well as the people of Kenya. We decided to dovetail the two events” Blassingame said.

The event runs similar to the reading marathons during LCU’s Writing Carnival each fall, however, instead of readers being positioned on the steps of the McDonald Moody Auditorium, they will be seated close to the fountains. Readers will take 30 minute shifts, but, instead of signing the book at the end of their shift, readers will end a few minutes early in order to pray with the next reader. At 8:15 p.m. the reading will stop for a moment of prayer, song, and remembrance for Kenya before resuming at 9:15 p.m.

“I’m really happy with the response. I think people are enjoying listening and spending a little time in prayer and reflection. Today marks the beginning of the last two weeks of the semester, then Finals Week . . . we needed something to remind us to take time with scripture and prayer,” Dr. Blassigame said