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LCU graduate behavioral sciences spend time serving with children in Ecuador

60 Service Projects Initiative Encourages Meaningful Service and Celebrates 60th Anniversary

One of the most powerful initiatives as part of the Lubbock Christian University 60th Anniversary is the campus-wide commitment to complete 60 meaningful service projects by the end of the academic year.

The Celebrating 60 Years with 60 Service Projects initiative, organized by the Student Affairs office, encourages each department, social club, or organization on campus to find a service project that would leave an impact on those individuals or agencies being helped.

So far, 47 service projects have been completed by 30 groups and organizations across campus, and more are scheduled in the near future.

Student Senate works on improving the exterior of a home“The goal was not just to infiltrate an organization and fix a one-time problem. We wanted the projects to fill a real need, and we wanted the LCU community to think long-term,” said Randal Dement, Vice President of Student Affairs.

By rallying the various organizations across campus, each group has fittingly chosen service projects that match the interests and the skills of the individuals in the group, using their unique abilities and gifts to help others.

For example, the LCU Veterans of Faith club has sought out veterans in need.

Nick Simmons, President of Veterans of Faith (VOF), explained, “Being a disabled veteran myself, it was natural to help those who have served before us. We have always been taught to look out for one another. We are called to live in service to one another, and if you do it with a cheerful heart, it makes each experience that much more special.”

The VOF group reached out to a former LCU professor who was also a former Coast Guardsman. Unable to care for his yard in his declining years, he was facing a possible citation from the city because of his property’s condition.

The VOF club spent nine hours removing debris and trimming the overgrown yard. They have continued to assist in maintaining the yard since their initial clean-up effort. The group has also volunteered to clean up the property of a disabled Army/Air Force Veteran.

The 60 service project initiative is also encouraging alumni to get involved.

Linda Gaither (‘72) heard about the initiative through Randal Dement and immediately wanted to get involved. She knew a friend whose home was in desperate need of repairs and maintenance.

“We simply asked for students to get involved and they jumped at the chance to help!” said Gaither. “It was a great reminder of what the students are capable of doing if given the opportunity.”

Student Senate spent a Saturday repainting and making small repairs to the outside of the house, as well as playing with the owner’s grandchildren.

Group of students sorts clothes for service project

Dement commented, “We are encouraging the campus, whether the projects are big or small, to build relationships and use their gifts to serve others, therefore serving the Kingdom of God. We have seen a new culture of service on campus like never before. Many organizations on campus were already serving and doing service projects, but with this initiative, we can see what is going on and be more intentional on the projects we are doing.”

The initiative has been a reminder for members of the LCU community that we are all called to lives of service and aim to transform the lives of others. It has brought awareness to ongoing service projects, and it also created incentive for campus organizations to provide more opportunities for service locally and globally.

To submit an organized service project for an LCU associated department or group to be included in the Celebrating 60 Years with 60 Service Projects initiative, contact Christa Branson in Student Affairs at or 806.720.7506.

UPDATE 2/22/17: A previous version of this article was updated to include the number of completed service projects and participating groups to date.