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A Show of Faith

“Psalm 128 -- that’s the story of our family. We’re not going to back off,” Alan Robertson said after reading the song of David to the Dynasty of Faith crowd in Midland, TX Saturday night. It is a psalm about fearing the Lord and the blessings that come out of obedience -- principles the Robertson family has lived throughout the journey of their rise to fame.

The event, hosted by the LCU Foundation to benefit Lubbock Christian University Athletics, was held at the Horseshoe Arena in Midland.

“What a great night. The entire event was first class and the Robertson family certainly made it obvious why America is in love with them,” said Dale Redman, CEO of ProPetro Services, the Dynasty of Faith Title Sponsor. “Their family values and their honest approach to both their faith and their willingness to share was really an uplifting thing to see. I think those that were here tonight experienced a special event and credit to LCU and the Duck Dynasty folks for making it a night to remember.”

Emcee for the evening, Mark Lanier, opened the event by welcoming President Tim Perrin to the stage. After cheerfully greeting the crowd and acknowledging sponsors for the program, President Perrin pointed out that he was missing something in his wardrobe. He then pulled out a camo bandana, wrapped it around his head, and claimed to be ready for the evening with a big smile.

Phil Robertson took the lectern with a string full of duck calls and whistles. His passion for ducks was obvious during his demonstration of each call, but his passion and love for Jesus Christ was unmistakable. In the early years of presenting his duck calls, Phil says he quickly discovered God could use him to spread the Word. Now, he attaches his own testimony and sermon after every duck call sampling. As Phil closed his testimony and walked back to his seat, he brought up Obamacare and pointed out that God’s eternal health care is free, giving the cheering crowd two thumbs up.

The question and answer portion of the evening seemed very popular with the audience as they were allowed a glimpse into the personal lives of the Robertsons. One unique question emcee Lanier asked was what their favorite hymn was. Though Willie stole both Korie’s and Miss Kay’s favorite song, “Just a Little Talk with Jesus”, Korie brought up another praise song that had a very special place in her heart. “He Gave Me a Song” is a hymn she used to sing with her grandfather. Korie became emotional as she talked about the late Alton Howard, how he loved to write gospel songs and get the family to sing along with him. Interestingly, Alton Howard owned a warehouse that sold more than three million church hymnals that are used in the Church of Christ. That same warehouse was sold to Willie to be used as the Duck Commander warehouse you see in the show. Willie commented with a sly smile on Saturday night, “He gave me a pretty good deal.”

When asked if they watch the show, Phil simply answered, “I suffer through it,” offering that his favorite segment when watching back is when he guts ducks in front of the high school students. “I did see the grimaces on their faces…whooo, these yuppy kids.”

Miss Kay’s love for cooking came up several times throughout the evening and eventually she told the crowd where she learned her skill. It started at age four when she would spend half her childhood with her grandmother whose passion for cooking turned into Miss Kay’s passion. In their early years of dating, Phil claimed he preferred his mother’s cooking over Miss Kay’s. This drove Miss Kay to expand her skill, learn from her new mother-in-law, and pick up her own style of cooking.

“If you compliment bad cooking, you will eat bad cooking your entire life,” Alan Robertson said quoting advice his dad taught them growing up.

When asked if Miss Kay ever had a bad cooking experience, she told the crowd Phil once shot a wild boar. She tried cooking it, thinking it would be like pork. After the boar stunk up the whole house, she told Phil to, “throw that thing out!” Miss Kay is known on the show for cooking animals that most people wouldn’t touch, one of which is squirrel. Miss Kay taught the audience the difference between cooking a young squirrel versus an old squirrel. As she was explaining the difference, Alan couldn’t help but laugh.

“I never try to be funny, yet my kids always laugh,” said Miss Kay as she laughed along with her sons.

Alan replied, “I laugh because Mom always gets so serious when she talks about cooking.”

The loving relationship between a mother and her sons was evident as Miss Kay, Alan, and Willie teased each other throughout the program Saturday night. At one point Miss Kay beamed, “I always knew my boys were charismatic and funny.”

Mark Lanier commented that he couldn’t help but sing the Sesame Street song, “One of These Things is Not Like the Other,” when he looked at the Robertson men. He then asked the men to tell the crowd the last time they shaved. Willie said 10 years with an annual “spring cleaning” performed by Korie, Phil stated it’s been between 30-40 years, and Alan simply remarked, “about 9:30 this morning.”

Though Alan claims the beards are a safety hazard, the other Robertson men say Alan can grow a very nice beard. Nevertheless, Alan’s bald face appearance certainly makes him stand out. During the evening Alan hinted that we may be seeing him in the upcoming season, which the family is on week two of filming. He recently left his position as the preacher of White's Ferry Road Church of Christ to join his family on the show. He pointed out that while this may shock a lot of people, he did it because of his belief that he can reach more people with the message of Jesus this way. After hearing Alan give his family’s testimony fearlessly and share God’s plan, it’s easy to see he made the right decision. Several members of the crowd said their favorite part of the evening was hearing Alan’s mini-sermon -- how it really spoke to them and the impact it made.

A lot of questions led to high anticipation for future Robertson family plans. These include Uncle Si’s book titled Sicology, another cookbook from Miss Kay, Alan’s sermon book, more of the Robertson children in the upcoming season, and a lot more about Phil and Miss Kay. So much more in fact, that Willie said he couldn’t even tell the patriarch and matriarch, to which Miss Kay responded, “that’s scary.”

By the time the family finished answering questions and opening up the corners of their lives, the audience was on their feet cheering, and Lanier was leading a prayer of blessing over the Robertsons. There is no doubt that this family is currently the most popular family in America. A&E’s Duck Dynasty is the number one reality show on all of cable; the family has authored two of the New York Times top 10 best-selling books; Willie’s son John Luke trends on Twitter every Wednesday night; and as Korie put it, “Willie is like the mayor of West Monroe,” waving everywhere he drives. If the crowd noticed anything Saturday night, it was that this family was handed a torch to spread the Gospel to America through a reality TV show about ducks. Willie said they didn’t expect their torch to be this big, but regardless of torch size, it is impossible to separate their faith from the show.

“Dynasty of Faith provided what was surely one of the most unforgettable evenings in LCU’s history,” said President Perrin. “From the beautiful rendition of the national anthem by LCU’s Best Friends to the closing prayer of blessing for the Robertsons offered by emcee and Foundation Board member Mark Lanier and everything in between, the event was a stirring success. The Robertson family inspired and entertained, leaving no doubt why Duck Dynasty is the most popular reality television series on the air today. We were moved by their authentic faith and amazed by their willingness to use the platform they’ve been given for good.”