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2015 TWIRP Week event at the Corn Maize

A Student Perspective on the TWIRP Week Tradition

((The Dustertoday is the Lubbock Christian University online newspaper that exists to serve the students, faculty, staff, and friends of the university. The staff of The Duster strives to provide fair, balanced, and accurate news coverage of topics that directly affect members of the LCU community and to do so in a fun and creative way.

Brianna Wallace, the student editor for The Dustertoday, is a senior English major with a minor in psychology. In her profile for The Duster, Brianna said, “Part of my journey in coming to LCU has been learning about myself, but more importantly learning about who God is and who He wants me to be. I am thankful for the place He has put me, and thankful for the opportunities He gives me to serve and bring glory to Him.”

Brianna wrote a history of TWIRP Week as part of the LCU tradition as the university celebrates its 60th anniversary.

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Here at LCU, we have a lot of quirky traditions. We do fun things like Rally at the RIP, Last Chap Standing, and Master Follies. We have so many interesting and unique traditions such as Blur, Coke n’ Nacho, and Big Blue Christmas. One of our many unique and awesome LCU traditions is TWIRP week. In an effort to discover more about TWIRP week and its origins, I went undercover as a super-secret spy in order to figure out what exactly TWIRP week is all about. After some serious investigation involving emails, texts, scouring decades of old yearbooks, and consulting good old Google, I have become acquainted with the intricacies of TWIRP.

Basically, no one really knows where it came from. It’s been around forever. Digging through some ancient year books in the Student Senate office not only made me feel like Gandalf researching the power of the One Ring to rule them all, but also revealed that TWIRP week has been a tradition as early as the 1970’s and ‘80’s.

I was hoping to nail down a specific installation year for when TWIRP got started, but everyone I questioned could only tell me that it had always been around. Some of these people were…wise, so they have been accumulating knowledge since before I was born. They could only tell me that TWIRP has been around since as long as they could remember, and it has always been an important part of LCU’s story.

TWIRP stands for The Woman Is Required To Pay, and is basically a week filled with fun activities for couples to enjoy, whether as romantic partners or just as friends (we all know how that works), where the woman initiates asking the guy out on a date.

I’m not sure how accurate of a title TWIRP is; do the girls actually pay for the date or do they just ask the guy out? I guess calling it TWIRTATGO Week (The Woman Is Required To Ask The Guy Out) just doesn’t have the same ring to it. In most cases, if there is payment required on the date, the female obliges happily and pays for the lucky guy she has asked to accompany her for the evening. This gives the girls an opportunity to approach the guys, instead of waiting around to be asked out by guys who may or may not be clueless to their endearment.

So why is TWIRP week important to LCU? It falls under the category of Campus Experience, so it helps to foster the special community we have at LCU. It gets students together and provides them with fun activities to do off campus. Student Senate plans lots of things for students to participate in, from bowling and movie nights to visiting the corn maize and eating pizza. This allows students to represent LCU off campus also. Not only do students get to do fun things, but they also get free t-shirts. And for poor broke college students, that’s always a plus.

Overall, TWIRP week is a long running tradition central to the LCU aesthetic. It’s a chance for students to come together and enjoy one another’s company, possibly while searching for further romantic attachments.