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BLUR: A New Creation

Last year around this time, BLUR featured short video clips of students retelling the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection in a powerful and unforgettable experience. This year promises to be just as memorable under the creative direction of Kris Schmitt, with Christian poet, David Bowden, taking the McDonald Moody stage accompanied by short videos of familiar faces in the same fashion as last year. The focus for the evening will be on God’s original creation moving towards a new creation, and it will be demonstrated through scripture.

Josh Kasinger and Best Friends will lead the crowd of believers in worship throughout this powerful time of devotion. Josh is the worship leader at Bammel Road Church of Christ in Houston and regularly leads worship at BLUR events alongside LCU’s a cappella group, Best Friends.

You won’t want to miss this moving and unforgettable time of worship and insight. It will begin at 7:00pm in the McDonald Moody Auditorium on Tuesday, March 26th.

BLUR was founded in 2011 as a student initiated worship experience. The ongoing student leadership of Blur is what makes it unique. Blur is held twice a semester. While it’s focused on college students, it is open to the community and is an experience for all ages.

David Bowden seeks to speak for people, groups and ideas whose voices are unheard or misunderstood. He follows the tradition of the Beat Poets of the 1950's and Slam Poets of the 1980's. David uses poetry to challenge and inspire individuals and groups to give a voice to the voiceless, promote social justice, and care for the needy throughout the world.

David writes and performs for non-profits, activist movements, and youth conferences around the country. He is married and living in Oklahoma City, working as the Creative Ambassador for Wishing Well.

Students can get a glimpse of David Bowden in Chapel on Tuesday as he performs one of his poems, previewing the inspirational way the Word will be presented that night.

For questions about BLUR contact Randal Dement at