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Blur: He Won't Let Go

The Lubbock Christian University community kicked off the spring semester in worship with the first Blur of 2014 on Tuesday evening, January 14. One of LCU’s a cappella singing groups, Best Friends, led worship and David Pounds spoke. Pounds, a 2003 LCU graduate, serves as the college minister for Christ in Action at the Broadway Church of Christ.

His message focused on Christ’s love for us, from before we were ever created until the “now.” Pounds mentioned the story in Matthew 8 about Jesus taking a blind man by the hand and leading him outside the village to heal him. Focusing on the detail of Jesus taking the blind man by the hand, Pounds connected that to our daily lives when we need the firmness, strength, and security of Jesus’s grip.

“If you haven’t had a day where you realize your grip isn’t strong enough to keep it together, then you’re going to have a day like that,” Pounds explained to the Blur audience. “If you haven’t had a day yet where you need to know God has a grip on your life, you’re going to have that day. There’s going to come a day where you will need to know that He’s not going to let go. He loves you and is commanding you forward in life, and He won’t let go."

Pounds connected well with the student audience, bringing them a message to help them in the very beginning of an exciting and busy spring semester. The final Blur: A Worship Experience will be held on Thursday, March 27.

Watch Pounds’ full message on the LCU YouTube page.