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Blur: One Body, Many Stories

Tonight at 7pm in the McDonald Moody Auditorium, four LCU students will share their testimonies of faith for the second Blur of the semester. Tonight’s stories are about the struggles of death, grief, addiction, misfortune, and insecurity, but in the end, each testimony reflects a God who is bigger.

The four students will share their testimonies around a campfire on the Moody stage. Blur committee member and LCU senior, James Masterson explains that a campfire represents community—a comfortable place where hearts can be opened and stories shared.

“We are a broken people who are redeemed by God’s grace,” says Masterson. “Hearing how others have overcome terrible situations serves as a reminder that Christ isn’t only present in the lives of those who seem to ‘have it together’ but in the lives of everyone who trusts in Him.”

Blur was founded in 2011 as a student-initiated worship experience. The ongoing student leadership of Blur is what makes it unique, however this is the first time in Blur’s history that the night of worship will be completely student-led—from the singing, to the message.

“The purpose in having a Blur that was all student-led was to point out that Christ works through students just as much as He does through adults,” Masterson explains. “Often we hear a story from an adult, and we feel the need to compare and try to relate it to our lives. It’s easier to relate to the stories from our peers, because we can see ourselves in their shoes.”

Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Blur committee leader, Randal Dement, comments on tonight’s Blur, “I am looking forward to this Blur because it is student-led for students. Student leaders on the committee truly understand the complexity of living out their faith in today’s culture. This evening will be about students ministering to other students with a message of hope.”

Though Blur focuses on college students, it is open to the community and is an experience for all ages.