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Bumstead and Turner with attending School of Business students

"Business as a Calling" Event Explores the Intersection of Faith and Business

The LCU School of Business hosted Business as a Calling at the end of September several business leaders spoke on how faith and business collide. 

“Business as a Calling addresses a perceived tension between two aspects of our character: the economic side and the spiritual side,” said Tracy Mack, dean of the School of Business. “Our intent today is to encourage business leaders to merge those two aspects so that their faith can be reflected in their business. We also want to inspire students, so that they know it is possible to reconcile our creative, economic selves with our Christ-centered, spiritual selves.”

Business as a Calling graphic

Regional business leaders and School of Business students attended a luncheon in the Baker Conference Center to hear the speakers discuss the importance of faith in any vocation, but especially a career in business.

Two successful and influential business leaders spoke at Business as a Calling: Matt Bumstead, LCU School of Business CEO in Residence, and Dee Ann Turner, vice president of enterprise social responsibility at Chick-fil-A.

Bumstead was recently named CEO in Residence for the LCU School of Business. Previously, he led a distinguished 20-year career with United Supermarkets with nine years as co-president and 16 years on the company board. He has a diverse history of leadership with Lubbock Area United Way, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, and more.

"Business is a series of interactions - relationships - that meets needs and serves. Is there any better way to show the love of God than meeting needs and serving?” said Bumstead at Business as a Calling.

He later continued: "Why see business as a calling? Because it changes your life story. It changes my life story. God wants to bless and change our life stories in magnificent ways. And our world needs that."

Turner began working for Chick-fil-A in 1985 and has served in numerous roles for the company. Prior to her current role, she served as vice president of corporate talent for 16 years. Last year, she published “It’s My Pleasure,” a book about how the talent and culture of a business are linked to success.

"You have no idea of your everyday impact,” Turner said at Business as a Calling. “These random little moments that make up the difference you make... Interactions that seem random in the moment, but make a big impact that you didn't even realize you were making."