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The new station in the Caf occupies the center of the room

Caf Adds Improved New Salad Station During Break

A new station was added to the LCU Cafeteria, called the Caf by students, over the winter holiday that now holds the salad bar, deli shop, soups, baked potatoes, and a vegetarian option and will help provide a more unique customer experience.

The updates in the Caf bring improvements to the individualization of meals and the flow of traffic during meal times.

“The dining experience is improved through the centralization of various offerings to more easily create personal style dishes, increased convenience, and enhanced aesthetics,” said Salvador Aguirre, director of dining services. “We enjoy seeing students experience these improvements as a part of their campus experience.”

Concept art began for the station over a year ago. Dining Services worked with Student Affairs and Facilities to design and implement the changes.

The station is installed with its own electricity and refrigeration, which will help keep food safer and at a more constant temperature.

In addition to the added station, LCU Dining Services continues to adapt their offerings to constantly be providing options that students enjoy. For instance, they will now be providing a daily compound salad: pasta salad, potato salad, slaw, etc.

“We are continually modifying and adjusting as we go to ensure satisfaction,” Aguirre added. “Dining and fellowship are a critical component of the student experience, and the commitment of the LCU Dining Program is on-going.”

Aguirre encourages students, faculty, and staff to provide feedback via surveys and discussions so that Dining Services can continually work to improve the Caf.

Dining Services now offers a day pass – $12.50 + tax for unlimited access to the Caf on that date of purchase. Stop by the Caf for information on meal plans and the new day pass.