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Dr. Jesse Long present Carol Box with her award for distinguished service

Carol Box Presented Smith College of Biblical Studies Award for Distinguished Service

During Homecoming weekend, the Smith College of Biblical Studies presented Carol Box with an award for distinguished service – an award which, in future, will be presented as the Carol Box award.

Box was presented the award for her outstanding service as founding president of the Friends of the Smith College of Biblical Studies (formerly Friends of the Bible Department). Box served as president from 2010 to 2017.

“I was naturally so surprised,” said Box. “It was a real honor. I was so surprised even when they asked me to help. [My time as president] gave me a great love for LCU, especially the Bible department, and has made apparent how much the university means for the Church of Christ community.”

Since Box stepped down from her role as president, Jim Brewer has stepped into the position.

Dr. Jesse Long presented Box the award at the Friends of the Bible Department Luncheon in the Cardwell Welcome Center at Homecoming 2018.

At a recommendation in 2009, Long called Box, the librarian at Broadway Church of Christ, to ask for help garnering support and resources for the Bible Department.

“She, without any direct connection to LCU or the Bible Department, said, ‘I will help you.’ She did more than help,” Long said. “She provided the leadership to make this happen. In her service, she became our friend and most ardent cheerleader.”

At the presentation, Long explained that, while the award was given to Box as the Smith College of Biblical Studies Award, it would henceforth be given as the Carol Box award.

Graphic with details on the Carol Box Award