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Celebrating the University Library

The Lubbock Christian University Library celebrated National Library Week this week. Libraries are an iconic element in education, however the way students utilize them has changed. To fulfill modern needs, the University Library is in the midst of a three phase renovation process.

Paula Gannaway, Director of the University Library, comments, “We have discovered that students need large open spaces, more tools to generate projects, and they need librarian assistance to assure they are accessing accurate and credible resources when researching on-line.”

During phase one of renovation, in response to these discoveries, a center wall was removed in the University Library to merge two rooms into one large open space. This area was remodeled with new carpet, lighting, wood treatments, paint, signage, new furniture, additional technology and print resources.

University students are spending more time in libraries than ever before, despite the increase in digital archives. The space has become a place of collaboration, group study, and access to resources like printers, large work space, touch screen digital ‘white boards,’ and even fellowship. All of this activity is in addition to the traditional way libraries have been used for hundreds of years.

Phase two of renovations will be in progress this summer, with phase three still in the planning process. The Library Renovation Committee proposes the third phase will be complete in January 2015.

According to Dr. Karl Mahan, Vice President of Technological Advancement, possible technological renovations include replacing the current computer towers with a more powerful type, and switching the way users interact with their desktop. He also adds that the University Library hopes to see more patrons bringing their own devices in the future.

“We have experienced increased requests to make an environment which allows patrons the option to use their own devices to connect to library services,” says Dr. Mahan. “We have been doing our best to facilitate that with increased wireless signal and even more planned for the next phase. We also are working with our library staff to develop spaces that are friendly for finding power sources. LCU has an excellent library staff who are all dedicated to making the best possible experience for all LCU faculty and students.”

To celebrate National Library Week, stop by the University Library and write how libraries have changed your life in a speech bubble provided by the librarians.