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ChapFit Encourages Personal Stewardship

Lubbock Christian University’s commitment to passionately pursue individual’s success in spiritual formation, intellectual growth, leadership development, and personal stewardship, has sparked a new program focusing on the key point of personal stewardship. Michele Culpepper, Director of RecLife at LCU, points to 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 for LCU’s new ChapFit program.

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. –1 Corinthians 6:19-20

ChapFit is a twelve week workout program designed with beginners in mind. Participants are connected with a wellness coach, who help them understand the myths of working out/healthy eating and provide personalized support. Each participant completes a month fitness evaluation to track their progress.

“Being a good personal steward of our bodies is important,” explains Culpepper. “God lives within each of us, we should keep these bodies nourished and healthy through exercise. We hope ChapFit will teach participants that their bodies should be taken care of.”

In the first four weeks of the program 34 participants lost a total of 73 pounds and 52.75 inches. At the eight week mark, those same participants lost a total of 124 pounds and 83 inches. Among those participants is LCU’s Library Administrative Assistant, Caiti Archer and her husband, an LCU alum, Justin (’04).

The Archer’s claimed 2014 as their year when they realized how important it was that they take responsibility for their personal health after the birth of their son, Clark, last September. Caiti wants her son to have a healthy set of parents who raise him to be healthy in every way.

Caiti talks about her ChapFit experience, “Having an outside person with the knowledge of health, along with a personal interest in our success has made ChapFit not only fun, but also a perfect accountability system to keep us motivated to stay on track.”

Justin mentioned their wellness coach checks in on them regularly, sends them encouragement, and teaches them how to properly use workout equipment, allowing the Archer’s to work out on their own schedule.

Since starting ChapFit on January 15, Caiti has lost 19 pounds and Justin has lost 17 pounds. In addition to the weight loss, the Archers have been able to maintain a healthy diet, develop a consistent exercise routine, and have felt noticeably better.

LCU’s Student Accounts Advisor Maureena Ruff says she joined ChapFit kicking and screaming when Kelly Simpson, the office cashier, was determined to get the Business Office together for a ChapFit team. Maureena had always been ashamed of her weight, so she was pleasantly surprised to find the ChapFit program liberating.

“Never once have I felt like [the RecLife Staff or LCU students] were looking at me with the, ‘about time she got in here’ face that I’ve seen elsewhere,” Maureena explains. “Everyone in the weight room is supportive. I feel comfortable going to the gym for the first time.”

Maureena felt so encouraged by the program, and the lack of judgment she experienced, that she printed copies of her workout log-book so that her daughter, Shannon Ruff, could do the program with her. Shannon quickly became Maureena’s source of inspiration. Recognizing that her daughter watched everything Maureena did and didn’t do, Maureena made a conscious commitment to stick with the ChapFit program.

“The example I set for her has to be one of Godliness, positivity, and hard work,” Maureena says. “So the 30 pounds I’ve lost is only a little success compared to the changes I’ve seen in my lovely daughter. She tells me she’s proud of me. That is one of the most rewarding experiences of ChapFit.”

As for the physical changes, Maureena has found her clothes are becoming baggy, her blood pressure is down, her knees hurt less, and her physical endurance has become stronger and longer.

When considering LCU’s mission toward personal stewardship, Maureena says it is evident across campus. “You will see the LCU mission of stewardship being lived. Once you’ve experienced Lubbock Christian University you are inextricably woven into the fabric of LCU’s mission of stewardship.”

ChapFit is one of many programs LCU offers to further their mission of personal stewardship. Dining Services strives to provide healthy food options every meal, including a fruit and salad bar and a low calorie center. Counseling Services has a trained mindfulness leader who guides students through mindfulness meditation twice a week. Whether it is health through fitness, diet, or mental wellbeing, LCU encourages individuals to be stewards of their body and mind.

The next ChapFit circulation will begin in September 2014. ChapFit can work with 50-70 participants at any given time.