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Various leaders of the Lubbock community speak on the panel at the Healthy Families Conference

"Citizens in Community" Panel Discusses Local and National Issues with Lubbock Community Leaders

Lubbock Christian University hosted "Citizens in Community: Creating Trust through Conversation," a conversation promoting a sense of cohesion and unity in Lubbock. Members of the surrounding community alongside visitors of the Healthy Families Conference gathered in the Margaret Talkington Center for Nursing Education on LCU’s campus on March 10 to take part in the discussion, moderated by Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope.

The panel featured five major community leaders: Floyd Price, a former Lubbock City Council member and former police officer; LaLa Chavez, an LISD School Board Member; Dr. Abdul Hamood, a Professor of Health Sciences at Texas Tech University and director of the Islamic Center of Lubock; Greg Stevens, the Police Chief for Lubbock; and Holly Duncan, the CEO of Parkridge Pregnancy Center, a local nonprofit resource.

Five members on the Citizens in Community panel speak to the audience“We were very excited to have the conversations that we had this morning with Mayor Dan Pope being able to moderate this panel with such fantastic leaders in the Lubbock Community,” said Dr. Michael Hardin, professor at LCU and coordinator for the Healthy Families Conference. “It is our belief at the Institute for Strong Families and Lubbock Christian University that conversations like this must take place for us to really know and love our neighbor.”

The conversation during the panel touched on several local and national issues facing both Lubbock and America, including immigration policy, inclusivism, police and community relations, racism, education, and discrimination. The panelists emphasized the need for communication, interaction, and genuine time spent getting to know others in one’s community.

A key point that the conversation returned to repeatedly was that communication and honesty were incredibly important when working through tough problems.

“We are a community and we need to work together to understand each other. There are so many more similarities than differences between us, and hopefully things like this morning and the initiatives that Mayor Dan Pope has in his task force for community engagement will keep us moving forward together than apart.”

Following the panel, attendees and presenters alike attended smaller breakout sessions, allowing more personalized and intimate discussions to follow the main conversation.

Mayor Dan Pope moderates the panel of community leaders