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Dedication Ceremony for The South Plains Children's Memorial Park

The South Plains Children’s Memorial Park dedication ceremony took place Tuesday night at the park, located west of the Behavioral Sciences Building, on the northeast side of Lubbock Christian University’s campus. This site offers families from the south plains a place to come together in memory of their lost children. Though the park is located on the Lubbock Christian University campus, it is intended to be a quiet place for meditation for the entire Lubbock community, regardless of denomination or cultural background.

Before entering the park, there is a gate and a quote by C.S. Lewis engraved in stone. Lewis prepares the mind for memorializing such innocence, provides hope for a day of reunion, and transports the heart from one period of life to another as visitors pass through the gate.

“At present we are on the outside … the wrong side of the door. Someday, God willing, we shall get “in”… We will put on glory … that greater glory of which Nature is only the first sketch.” –a portion of the quote by C.S. Lewis found outside the memorial gate.

Inside the memorial, visitors can walk a looped meditation path and look at the rocks engraved with children’s names that lie around the path. This quiet place is surrounded with trees so that people can utilize it for private contemplation.

Future plans for the park, when funds allow, include a brick walkway, swings to sit in, and a bronze statue of a child.

Compassionate Friends of Lubbock, an organization that supports families after the death of their child, meet in the Behavioral Sciences Building on LCU campus monthly in conjunction with the memorial. Families who have lost a child can purchase a rock to be placed in the garden. Currently 10 rocks have been purchased in honor of children and they were placed in the park at the time of the dedication ceremony.

The South Plains Children’s Memorial Park is a partnership between Lubbock Christian University and Hospice of Lubbock as a service to the entire community. The park is welcome to all who wish to remember lost children.