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Dr. Zadina delivers plenary in the Collier Auditorium

Educational Neuroscientist Dr. Janet Zadina Delivers Plenary at LCU

As part of the EquipLCU initiative, which compliments the new university QEP encouraging growth mindset, Dr. Janet Zadina visited campus to deliver her plenary: “Using Brain Research to Orchestrate Learning.”

Zadina is internationally renowned as a speaker, consultant, author, and former teacher. She studied cognitive neauroscience, analyzing primarily how the brain contributes to the educational process, hoping to change how educational institutions understand the brain and, therefore, approach the science of learning.

In her plenary at LCU, Zadina broke down many neuromyths surrounding education and learning, which is one of the things EquipLCU is working on with the new QEP. She encouraged everyone to be mindful of the growth opportunities learning provided the brain and warned against the pitfalls of these myths.

Zadina challenged her LCU audience to pursue a growth mindset, instead of getting caught in a fixed one, by making knowledge connections and continually seeking learning opportunities.