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LCU faculty meet to discuss a vision of the future

Faculty Shares Vision of the Future


On Monday, the faculty of Lubbock Christian University gathered to share their vision of the future with one another as the school draws closer to the inauguration of its sixth president. Members of every academic department and discipline gathered together to communicate the idea of vision and what that means for a Christian university.

After the invocation, given by Dr. Kregg Fehr, speakers from the business, behavioral sciences, chemistry, and education departments spoke on the theme of "Thinking Christianity, Living Actively." Dr. LynnAnne Lowrie, Jessica Rogers, Dr. Gonzalo Ramirez, and Dr. Russell Dabbs addressed their colleagues on this topic, challenging them to consider what it means to find God - and a Christian vision - in all aspects of their work on campus and to communicate that to the student. The speakers also urged their peers to consider how aligned they are with the Christian vision of the university and to encourage self-interest in students that focuses on the spiritual rather than selfishness that focuses on self-gain.

President Tim Perrin also gave several closing thoughts to the faculty concerning vision. President Perrin challenged the faculty to focus on the seeing, doing, and telling of the Christian mission at LCU. He then encouraged the faculty to continue pursuing their disciplines through the lenses of humble Christianity. "Arrogance is an occupational hazard in the academic world," Perrin noted. "Can I get an amen?" he continued to a chuckling audience.

With over 150 conference presentations, attendances, workshop lectureships, and performances over the past year, the faculty of LCU represents a body of individuals that is extraordinarily active in their academic disciplines. With nearly 40 published books and journal articles and 70 continuing education seminars this year, the faculty is also extremely active in their expansion of knowledge and in contributing to their field of research. Furthermore, the efforts of the LCU faculty have brought in nearly $700,000 in grants and awards for the school since 2011. Throughout these endeavors, the LCU faculty still encourages each other in a spirit of excellence to pursue active Christian living in the classroom, in their discipline, and with each other.

"What is essential for the faculty at this point is to continue following the centrality of Christ and to serve as models of Christ to our classes," said Dr. Andy Laughlin, coordinator of the meeting. "Furthermore, we need to ask ourselves daily, 'Are we modeling Christ in our discipline?' I see a rich, bright future for LCU ... it is good to remind ourselves that this is God doing this."