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Follies Friday graphic of the 2018 hosts and hostesses

Follies Fridays: "Hosting the Show"

Every aspect of the Master Follies show is crafted and displayed with entertainment in mind. This goes beyond the shows written and performed by the social clubs, which are subsequently judged, and extends to the hosts and hostesses that perform between the shows.

Master Follies began in 1958, but hosts and hostesses weren’t added to the show the 70s. Before that, the show was run by a single emcee.

The hosts and hostesses perform musical numbers between each of the club shows. With soaring ballads and sweet duets and fun, toe-tapping numbers, they keep the audience engaged and entertained in the transitions as the club strikes and sets up their shows backstage.

The 2018 Master Follies hosts and hostesses pose with a carKayla Emerson, one of the hostesses for Master Follies 2018 “Can’t Stop This Feeling,” is a senior chemistry major from Clinton, NY. In addition to being a hostess, she’s involved in numerous other campus activities.

“I try to be involved in both the science and the music worlds on campus,” Emerson said.

And she stays true to that goal. She’s performed in four musicals at LCU, including starring recently as Morticia in "The Addams Family Musical" in fall of 2017. In the science world, has worked as a chemistry lab assistant, and she tutors math and chemistry. She is also a member of the women’s social club Christliche Damen.

“This is my second year to be a hostess, and I can't imagine loving it more,” Emerson explained. “Everyone involved this year has been so great to work with. We are all friends and build each other up in the ways we can.”

Her favorite thing about working on Follies is that everyone prays together at each rehearsal.

“Everything I am involved in on campus is so Christ-centered, and this performance definitely is no exception. Our collective goal is to show Christ through our gift of performing to all those watching the show,” Emerson said. “It's so nice to have such like-minded performers to work with.”

Emerson is joined this year by seven other hosts and hostesses:

Nathan Hull

Junior Communications Major
Burleson, Texas
Best Friends

“While all the clubs are competing against each other, there is a sense of unity across the campus. Follies is time for joy and laughter and fun competitive spirit between friends.”

Sadie Wheeler

Sophomore Pre-veterinary Major
Seminole, Texas
Christliche Damen, Praise Choir, Chamber Singers, Best Friends, Dean’s List, and Pre-Vet Club

“I love the fellowship that comes with the long practices and hard work you put into a show or a song.”

Hannah Tarron

Junior Family Studies Major Burleson, Texas Resident Assistant, Christliche Damen, BLUR committee, and Inter Club Council chaplain

Lacy Chappell

Junior Pre-Occupational Therapy Major
Snyder, Texas
Resident Assistant, Praise Choir, and Best Friends

“As well as getting to see the people that have gone to LCU, I  love that follies brings together so many generations in such an awesome way!”

Cameron Insilan

Senior Music Education Major
Lovington, NM
Praise Choir, Chamber Singers, Best Friends, Kappa Delta Pi, and Sub T-16

“After all is said and done, seeing how your hard work pays off is always such a joy to experience.”

Michael Peschell

Senior Mathematics Major
North Richland Hills, Texas
Sub T-16, vocal performance groups, and intramurals

Aaron Cheatham

Freshman Music Major
Mansfield, Texas
Band and choir 

Master Follies is one of the longest-standing traditions on campus, as well as one of the largest student activities. Tickets for the 2018, 60th Anniversary Master Follies “Can’t Stop This Feeling” are available now. The Saturday night show is already sold out, but the presentation of awards will be streamed live on the LCU Facebook page.

(The Follies Fridays story series will continue each Friday until the show opens Feb. 9. Read the first installment, "Judging the Show" now, and check back next week, Feb. 2, for a special look into “Creating the Show.”)