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An anonymous judge with the Follies Fridays graphic

Follies Fridays: "Judging the Show"

Each year, nine judges who are community leaders or Lubbock Christian University alumni are selected for Master Follies, a musical variety show featuring shows written, directed, and performed by students.

“Master Follies is one of the highlights of LCU.” said one anonymous judge for 2018, whose name will be confidential until the performance they judge. “I can’t wait to see what each club will bring to the stage after weeks of hard work.”

For Master Follies, each of LCU’s eight social clubs writes and performs a six-minute show. Each show features an original story created by the social clubs’ Follies directors. Throughout the month before the performance, clubs practice the music and choreography to their show almost nightly.

Shows are judged in five overall categories which umbrella numerous sub-qualities about each performance:

  • Costumes/makeup,
  • Vocal expression,
  • Staging/choreography,
  • Storyline/dramatic elements, and
  • Special effects.

“After hosting Master Follies for three years when I was at LCU,” said another anonymous judge. “I am so excited to get to come back and be a part of something that I loved so much.”

Each performance of Follies lasts approximately an hour and a half and has a panel of three judges. Each of the judges’ assessments are tallied on the final night to determine winners in both men's and women's categories. The audience also votes for the People’s Choice Award, which is presented with the winners at the awards following the Saturday evening show.

For a third anonymous judge, music has always been an important part of their life.

“Before deciding to attend Lubbock Christian University as a student,” this judge said, “I had never seen a Master Follies performance. And although I've been in 4 shows – [including] once as a host, once as a director of a winning show, and once as a co-director of a winning show – to this day, I have never sat in the audience of the Moody Auditorium to watch Master Follies.”

This judge will get their chance to return to LCU to judge the show several decades later.

“Everything I ever did for Master Follies was to ‘wow’ the audience and the judges. Now this year, I hope to be the one who is ‘wowed!’”

Master Follies, which began in 1958, is one of the longest-standing traditions on campus, as well as one of the largest student activities. Tickets for the 2018, 60th Anniversary Master Follies “Can’t Stop This Feeling” are available now. The Saturday night show is already sold out, but the presentation of awards will be streamed live on the LCU Facebook page.

 (The Follies Fridays story series will continue each Friday until the show opens Feb. 9. Check back next week, Jan. 26, for a special look into “Hosting the Show.”)