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Four LCU Retirees Honored at Employee Appreciation Dinner

Lubbock Christian University held their annual Employee Appreciation and Service Award Dinner Sunday evening, April 21st. Dr. Don Williams gave the welcoming address before many employees were awarded for their service and the four retirees were awarded for their time at LCU. Following the presentation, President Tim Perrin gave a review of the year.

Retirees honored at the 2013 Employee Appreciation Dinner were Rachel Guynn, Linda Cash, Gary Estep, and Rebecca Vickers.

Rachel Guynn has worked in the Lubbock Christian University library for almost seventeen years. During that time, Rachel served as the library processing clerk and book doctor.

Every book that arrived in the library crosses Rachel’s desk before it could be placed on the shelves. She diligently prepared materials so they were quickly available for faculty and students’ needs. Rachel redeemed books long past their prime – gluing, pasting, and stitching them, to extend their usefulness. Many members of the LCU community have brought their family Bibles for Rachel to tenderly repair.

Rachel performed all her duties conscientiously, and she patiently taught others needed skills. She is known for her integrity, spiritual purpose, patriotism, and most of all, for her caring heart. Those who worked with her closely would also attest to her pie baking expertise.

Rachel has been an invaluable and significant resource in the library, and her service to the university has been exemplary.

Linda Cash has spent a lifetime of helping neglected and abused children. She infused her passion and life’s mission into her career of preparing college students to go and serve within God’s Kingdom in similar ways. Lubbock Christian University has been blessed to have Dr. Cash on faculty for 39 years.

She began her career directing the Home Economics Department. Through the years, Dr. Cash gravitated towards the behavioral sciences and play therapy, transforming her teaching emphasis and channeling her energies on the mental health needs of at-risk-youth.

Dr. Cash has strengthened families through her work at LCU, while also serving on multiple state and regional boards. Her expertise has provided invaluable insight to all who have studied under her instruction. In 2012, Dr. Cash founded the Institute for Strong Families for the Behavioral Sciences Department at LCU. Her legacy will continue to live on through professionals in the field of behavioral sciences, through individuals who caught her passion for serving those at-risk, and through families made stronger through her work with the Institute.

Gary Estep has been methodically preparing students for professions in the fields of health and the sciences since he came to LCU in 1971. His passion for helping students succeed comes from his own competitive spirit which was manifested in his years before LCU when he was a champion bull rider.

His tenacious perseverance benefitted LCU as he served in the roles of Dean of the B. Ward Lane College of Professional Studies, Chair of the Biology/Natural Sciences Department, Professor of Biology, advisor for the Pre-Health Professions student organization and even as he served as the Dorm Supervisor for Johnson Hall.

Dr. Estep is recognized by his students for his personal dedication to their education and the programs designed to prepare them for professional careers. His quiet leadership, engaging teaching and insightful direction of programs has been invaluable to LCU over these 42 years. Even his slow gait reveals his gentle spirit and masks the tremendous impact that he has had, and will continue to have, on the lives of his LCU students and peers.

A graduate of LCU, Rebecca Vickers came back in 1970 after earning a Master’s in Library Science at North Texas State. She literally touched every book in the library as the collection was converted to the Library of Congress classification system. And as technology advanced, she oversaw the conversion to machine readable format for the online integrated library system.

As Library Director, Becky was proud to show the unique holdings to countless accreditation and site team guests as they visited the LCU Library. Her role as a marshal for university commencement ceremonies is remembered by numerous students and faculty, as well as her great loyalty to the university.

Becky loves travelling and has visited many distant countries, and she is always eager to look at other people’s vacation pictures. Becky has a keen interest in local history and her family’s heritage as long-time residents of Lubbock County. The Vickers Family’s long years of service and dedication to Lubbock Christian University are legendary.

Employees who were awarded for serving at LCU for five years are: Nathan Anderson, Vanessa Bearden, Steven Bonner, Cathy Box, Ethan Brown, Matthew Byars, Dean Culpepper, Cristi Day, Richard DeVore, Sonja Dixon, Chris Due, David Erickson, Kecia Jackson, Billy Kingston, Raul Marmolejo, Denise McNeill, Shelley Melton, Geoffrey Ritchey, Brittany Roberts, Virginia Trevino, Charles Webb, Dustin Yeager, and Scott Young.

Those who have served LCU for ten years are: Jovita Arriaga, Bob Fannin, Brenda Farr, Steve Gomez, Kelly Robinson, Toby Rogers, Jean Sellers, and Josh Stephens. Serving LCU for 15 years are: Philip Camp, Sheila Click, Lori Little, Julie Marshall, Vanda Pauwels, Gonzalo Ramirez, Barbara Slate, and Rachel Swartwood.

Those awarded for serving LCU for 20 years are: Susan Blassingame, Jesse Long, JoAnn Long, Shelley Parnell, Tony Parnell, Beth Robinson, and Keith Rogers. Clay Yeager was awarded for serving LCU 25 years. Laurie Doyle and Steve German were awarded for 30 years of service to the university. Finally, serving LCU for 35 years, John Copeland, George Davis, and Karen Randolph were awarded at the dinner.