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Students present at Healthy Families Conference hosted by Bullard Institute for Strong Families

Institute for Strong Families Adopts New Name in Honor of the Bullard Family

The Lubbock Christian University Institute for Strong Families has a new name – the Bullard Institute for Strong Families, named in honor of Denny and Patti Bullard, longtime friends of the university.

“Family health has always been a priority for Dr. Patti Bullard. As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Bullard’s desire has long been to help families grow and achieve their full potential,” said Dr. Michael Hardin, executive director of the Bullard Institute for Strong Families.

A very generous gift from the Bullard family created an endowment for the institute that will provide funding for continued programming and resources dedicated to building strong and healthy families for years to come.

“We are so excited that Denny and Patti Bullard have chosen to partner with the Institute for Strong Families and assure its future and place in the South Plains and beyond,” said Hardin.

The Strong Families Institute, created in 2012, began as a way continue to serve professionals and academic researchers who have devoted their training and careers to the advancement of the fields of family service and healthy family development and enrichment. While the programming is geared toward professionals in the field of family study, it also provides very practical insights and information that benefit a variety of people who influence family dynamics.

“The legacy of the good work that will continue to be accomplished in our region due to the Bullard’s generosity will strengthen families and support agencies for the foreseeable future,” said Dr. Hardin.

The Bullard Institute of Strong families hosts several events and projects throughout the year that benefit and develop skills for those who work in the family service industries. One of those events includes the annual Healthy Families Conference, a two-day conference that offers research based trainings to counselors, social workers, and educators who serve in Lubbock, which was held April 5–6.