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Launch of New Mission Link Initiative Announced at Moser Ministry Conference

At dinner during the 2015 Moser Ministry Conference, Monday Oct. 5, President Tim Perrin officially announced the launch of a new LCU initiative, Mission Link: Center for Global Engagement.

Mission Link will be housed in the Christian Development Center (CDC) and will under the leadership of Shawn Tyler, an adjunct Bible faculty member, and his wife, Linda.

“Mission Link will allow the university to continue its longstanding commitment to missions while enhancing and extending its ability to engage students in missions efforts. With Shawn Tyler’s capable leadership and a wealth of resources and experience available, I’m looking forward to all of the good that will come from this initiative,” said President L. Timothy Perrin.

With the support of partners Tim (’79) and Rebecca (Henderson ’79) Talley and Jim (’96) and Phyllis Beck, Mission Link will support further mission training for students. Mission Link hopes to partner with local churches in ministry, as well as find local and foreign opportunities for mission internships.

A generous donation of $20,000 from LCU alumni will provide for the first five years of the Mission Link initiative.

Mission Link was also pleased to present the first ever Distinguished Service in Missions Award to Gaston (’58) and Janet Tarbet at the Moser Ministry banquet.

Janet, whom Gaston called his companion, constant support, and answer to prayer, stepped up to share a Scripture as Gaston composed his words. As he accepted, Gaston said, "[LCU] pointed me in a direction, encouraged me to be a pioneer."

Ministry has always been an important part of LCU life, aspiring to send students out as pioneers into the world in whatever field they choose. Mission Link will provide a focus to mission studies and training that will greatly increase opportunities for students to share the Word of Christ, both locally and abroad.