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Study abroad students on the first day of class

LCU Sends First Class of Study Abroad Students to Semester in Ávila, Spain

On August 29, 15 students from Lubbock Christian University embarked on a trip to Ávila, Spain, becoming the first participants in LCU’s new semester abroad program.

Not only are these student getting the chance to experience another culture, but they also get to extend their education to the context of that culture.  Accompanied by faculty from LCU, the students will spend the semester in the historic walled city of Ávila, taking specialized classes taught by LCU faculty, such as Art History in Spain, Christian Heritage in the Iberian Peninsula, and Religion and Culture in Spanish History.

First class of LCU study abroad studentsLCU’s Director of Global Campus, Page Carter, explained what a huge opportunity this is, both for these students and for the University as a whole.

“These students are experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime academic opportunity. Classes like Personal Financial Planning really take on a new meaning when you are planning your budget to travel Europe! The faculty involved in this trip are true pioneers, guiding LCU on new adventures we never before thought possible.”

Carter also explained that the students aren’t restricted to Ávila; in fact, the faculty has embraced the additional traveling opportunities in Europe, and plan on using those avenues to further enhance the experience.

“Dr. and Mrs. Stacy Patty, along with Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Mack, will escort the students on a 9-day group excursion to London, Oxford, and Bath, England.” She continued, “There are also day trips planned by professors, as part of their studies. For example, the Art History class recently visited the city of Segovia, where Roman aqueducts and gothic architecture can’t be missed. Dr. Kraft has also planned a trip to Granada for next weekend to visit the Moorish, Jewish, and Muslim fortress, the Alhambra.”

Study abroad group on a trip to GranadaThe impact that this trip will make on these students was evident when they were questioned as to what they were looking forward to most, even before they left.

“Being an art major, I can't wait to see all of the paintings and sculptures over in Spain,” explained student Zachary Long. “I also can't wait to see all of the ruins and learn about the history of Spain! It's really amazing to think that a lot of the buildings over there are older than anything in the US.”

Fellow student Samantha Matthews shared her hopes for the cultural experience.

“I can't wait to try a cannoli from Italy and have a sword (baguette) fight in front of the Eiffel Tower. I'm most excited about how this experience will open my eyes and transform me as a person. Study abroad will broaden my horizons and my understanding of the world.”

Carter expressed her hopes for this trip, and for what the future of what this program holds.

“Our prayer is that this experience takes hold of these students and challenges them to meet new people, learn first-hand about different cultures, and experience life in new ways.”

For more information on the LCU Study Abroad programs, visit the programs home page; or, if you want to keep up with this semester’s trip, check out student Audrey Bradley’s blog on her experiences in Ávila.

Study abroad group on a field trip to Segovia