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LCU Students Share Time with Kids at Local Hospital

At the end of every semester, the Lubbock Christian University Student Senate hosts “Stress Relief Week” just before finals to help students with their nerves. Several events occur throughout the week organized by the Student Development committee. Last Thursday, a group gathered to go to University Medical Center in Lubbock to pass out toys and hang out with the kids there.

There were 17 people who took the trip to UMC. Prior to the event, the Student Development committee purchased board games to play with the kids as well as toys to give them for Christmas. Once they arrived, the students split up into groups of two-to-four people to pass out the toys and play with the kids. The gifts included a Barbie convertible, coloring books, stuffed animals, and Lego’s.

"In my group we visited a 15-year old girl and played ‘Pictionary’ and ‘Apples to Apples.’ It was a really rewarding experience," Crissta Morrison, chair of the Student Development committee, said.

Morrison explained that the whole idea behind the service-based visit was formed during brain storming for the week's events. The committee discussed how taking the focus off of oneself and focusing on other's needs can be very stress relieving. In the spirit of the season, one girl suggested going to UMC.

"So many times in life we get so caught up with our own problems we forget to look at the bigger picture … by taking a step back we are able to have better perspective. Perspective is very stress relieving," Morrison said. She hopes that an event like this can happen again in future Stress Relief Weeks.