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Middle School campers playing during Camp Champion

Middle School campers playing during Camp Champion

Middle School Students Engage Christ at Camp Champion

Camp Champion, hosted each summer at Lubbock Christian University, is an immersive camp that emphasizes spiritual values and self-esteem for students in middle school. This year, 193 campers participated.

Camp Champion follows an over-arching theme that campers explore through activities, interactive classes, devotionals, and entertainment. The theme for 2016 was “Kingdomsend.” Campers experienced LCU as an imaginary post-apocalyptic world, stylizing the theme as “Kingdoms End.” Beginning from breakfast, or the themed “ration distribution,” their goal each day was to find a cure for the fallen humankind and create a new world. However, as the week went on, campers learned that the Kingdom of God is with them already and that they should share the good news: “Kingdom Send.” 

In addition to lessons, campers participated in team building and game activities with their “factions,” assigned groups named in keeping with the post-apocalyptic theme. Campers had the opportunity to visit two Lubbock amusement parks: Joyland and Water Rampage. They also heard a performance by Fellow American, a band of LCU alumni.

LCU annually hosts camps like Champion, Encounter, and more during the summer months. To find out more about Champion and other camp experiences that LCU hosts, click here or follow LCU Summer Camps on Facebook.

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