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Minister David Fraze Returns to Work at LCU

On Jan. 1, 2016, David Fraze (’91), a well-known voice in student ministry, began his new position at LCU as Special Assistant to the President.

During his high school years, Fraze attended and was baptized at Encounter Summer Camp. As an LCU student in 1987, he was drawn to LCU by the educational and spiritual environment and the desire to pursue his life’s calling in youth ministry.

Fraze began working as a part-time college minister at Greenlawn Church of Christ in 1989. He and his wife, Lisa ('93), were hired full-time for student ministry from 1991 – 2002. Fraze worked as an adjunct professor at LCU from 1994 – 1999 then as full-time faculty beginning in 2001 until he and Lisa moved to Dallas – Fort Worth in 2007.

“I really feel called to work with students and families,” said Fraze. “I want to have the influence to impact and train university students, but also to be an ambassador for student ministry. That’s around the time when President Perrin and I started talking about combining my passion for the next generation of students and families with assisting the university that I love.”

As special assistant to the president, Fraze will be working with President Perrin on numerous initiatives. He will also be a special consultant to LCU summer camps, degree programs, and he will assist various faculty members to advance educational academic initiatives. He will represent the university when he travels, operating as an ambassador to other ministry organizations and speaking under the LCU banner. In his first week on the job, he presented with President Perrin at the National Conference on Youth Ministry (NCYM) in Colorado Springs, CO.

“I want people to think about using their careers missionally. I believe the church has to leave its walls,” said Fraze about his position at LCU. “We want to impact churches, schools, and individuals as a university, so we need to think of our jobs and contacts as a mission field.”