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Moser Ministry Conference Looks at God-Centered Ministry

"God-Centered Ministry in a Me-Centered World" is the focus of the 2013 Moser Ministry Conference that will take place on the campus of Lubbock Christian University today and tomorrow (Sept. 30-Oct. 1). As the brochure for the event says, "… our world and our churches need the influence of God-centered ministries to counter our Me-centered culture. The pressures around us constantly challenge Christianity's God-centered focus. You are invited to think with us about calling individuals and congregations to God-centered lives and ministries in Christ as witnesses before our Me-centered world."

The conference kicked off with Dr. Jim Martin, preaching minister for the Crestview Church of Christ in Waco for the past 20 years, speaking on "Ministry Challenge: Follow One Voice." Dr. Martin has served as the preaching minister for churches in Kansas City (MO) and Florence (AL) and he is a graduate of Harding School of Theology and Abilene Christian University. In January of 2014, Dr. Martin will begin serving as Vice President of Harding School of Theology.

Dr. Martin will also speak, along with Dr. Ron Highfield, at the Moser Ministry Conference Banquet on Monday evening as they partner to present "The Role of Vocation in Ministry, the Church and the World." He will also present "Ministry Challenge: Becoming a Healthy Minister" and "Move Toward Your Truest Self Through Life and Work" during the conference on Tuesday.

Dr. Highfield, Professor of Religion at Pepperdine University where he has taught for the last 24 years, is a graduate of Harding University as well as the Harding School of Theology where he earned his master's degree. He received a doctorate from Rice University. Dr. Highfield will make his first presentation of the conference on Monday morning with "Your Life's Work: Job, Career, or Vocation?" He will also speak Monday afternoon as he presents "The Minister as a Teacher of Faith: Communicating a God-centered Message in a Me-centered Culture" before joining Dr. Martin during the banquet address. He will finish his presentations on Tuesday with "The Minister as a Teacher of Faith: Training Counter-cultural Christians for a Post-Christian World."

One of Lubbock Christian University's distinguished faculty members, Dr. Jeff Cary, a 1995 graduate of LCU, who holds a Ph.D. from Baylor University, will also address the conference attendees. He will present "(Re)calling Vocation to the Center of Christian Identity" and "Church as School and Worship as Education" on Monday. Dr. Cary will help to wrap-up the conference on Tuesday with "What Do You Think? Thinking Together about the Conference Presentations" via table discussion groups.

A special appearance by former Lubbock Christian University president, Dr. Steve Lemley will take place on Monday as he presents "K.C. Moser and LCU" to the group. Dr. Lemley served as the fourth president of LCU.

For more information regarding the 2013 Moser Ministry Conference, please contact Carmen Puente at or by calling (806) 720.7651.