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New Chaparrals Arrive at LCU

The Lubbock Christian University campus was buzzing Wednesday as new freshmen moved in and faculty gave a helping hand.

For Matthew Garcia, a new LCU freshman, the education department was a big reason he chose to come to LCU. Matthew is majoring in secondary education this fall and says many of his teachers in his hometown of Childress went to school at LCU.

“I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of new people. I’ve only heard good things about LCU,” says Matthew.

In-coming freshmen Malori Maddox moved into the residence halls from Wolfforth, Texas, only a few miles from LCU. Malori says she went back and forth between LCU and another university for two years, but when she went to Chap Day on February 18, she called her mom and said, “This is it. This is where I want to be.” Malori says it just seemed like a good fit, and though she’s not sure what to expect, she’s excited to start a new chapter.

“After going to a big public school I’m excited to be in a smaller Christian environment. A Christian education means a lot to me,” Malori explains.

As Malori’s mother, Sarah Maddox, sends off her first child, she says despite the sadness, the experience has been wonderful. “I’m really excited for her to meet all these new, good people at this wonderful school,” Sarah comments. “Everybody has been over-the-top kind, friendly and helpful. I feel like she’s in good hands.”

Other parents brought their youngest child, like Barb Biard who traveled two days to move in her daughter, Lissa, from Modesto, California. Barb held back tears as she explained this difficult day for many parents.

“There are so many people bringing their kids to California colleges, but bringing my kids all the way to LCU is so much more worth it to us,” Barb explains. “We know where she is and how many people love her already, even if they haven’t even met her yet. It’s still just a really hard day; we’ll be empty nesters.”

Lissa Biard looks forward to getting involved at LCU and says coming here was an easy choice because of the people. “You come to Lubbock and LCU and everyone is so inviting, so friendly, so warm,” says Lissa.

President Perrin, along with faculty and staff, helped the new students move in as part of a long-held LCU tradition. Many LCU alumni held a parent relief center at the Arnett House for parents to enjoy cold bottled water, watermelon, and a friendly smile.

Classes begin on Monday morning, August 26. Between now and then, new student orientation continues along with the prayers the faculty and staff have been praying for the last several months for these new chaparrals.