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Original Script by Alumni Hits LCU Stage

Last spring, LCU alum Gary Head (’13) approached fellow alum Kyle Bullock (’13) with a concept for a play. They never anticipated this concept would turn into Lubbock Christian University Theatre’s latest production, Baggage.

Bullock explains their goal while writing Baggage, “We wanted to write a show that featured many different representations of physical, spiritual, and emotional baggage. Ultimately though, we wanted to create a show that was also fun to watch, so we worked on making the scenes funny, light-hearted, and entertaining.”

The characters in Baggage have issues they must deal with, and they discover that the quick-fix, a reflection of sin, ends up being the harder route to solving their problems. Head and Bullock hope the audience leaves realizing that as Christians, overcoming baggage means laying it down, laying down pride, and allowing Jesus to make us whole again.

Throughout play-writing, Head would pitch Bullock a concept for a scene, Bullock would script it out and volley it back to Head for edits. Once a final copy was set, Dr. Don Williams, LCU Theatre Education Professor, helped the alums prepare the show for contests and festivals. As Head and Bullock explored the possibilities on where to take the show, they saw no greater honor than to leave it in the hands of their theatre mentor, Dr. Williams.

“We approached Dr. Williams and Dr. Laurie Doyle about directing the show and they generously took on that challenge. They have both offered valuable input in the writing process and have helped us develop the script. It truly is the greatest honor for us to have them direct this show’s inaugural production,” says Bullock.

Dr. Doyle compares the challenge of putting together an un-produced script to building a house from the foundation up, rather than buying it complete and moving in. It gives the cast and directors a fresh look at theatre and the creative process behind creating a show.

Dr. Doyle expands on her choice to take on Head’s and Bullock’s script, “Encouraging developing talent, especially recent alumni, is part of education. We want to see all our students be successful, while they are here and after they graduate.”

Baggage isn’t Bullock’s first script. His published script, Those Unforgettable Black Rims, took the CATS Playhouse theatre in April 2013, and Bullock is also a published author of the novel The Coward.

The audience can watch this brand new show come alive and see some of their own “baggage” unfold in the Christian Development Center (CDC) Theatre on Friday, February 28, and Saturday, March 1 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for any students in school at the door.