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Out of the Darkness—From the Middle of the Mess

Out of the Darkness week begins Thursday, February 21st with kick off chapel, and will conclude the next Thursday, February 28th with films, discussions, dinners, and speakers.

The committee for Out of the Darkness is taking a broader approach this year by digging into the emotions behind the issues rather than targeting a specific issue like they’ve done in the past. This new approach allows the week’s events to reach many more students in a more profound way than it has before.

“We realized that all the issues we’ve covered through Out of the Darkness can be boiled down into four basic emotions – Fear, Guilt, Anger, and Love.” –Austin Blevins, LCU Junior

Though the emotions of fear, guilt, and anger are not harmful at a basic level, they can quickly turn into issues when someone doesn’t know how to deal with them in a healthy manner.

“We want to show students how to see the struggles in their life as something manageable. Out of the Darkness is devoted to showing students they aren’t alone in their struggles. We want them to know that we – their peers, teachers, mentors, and friends – are there regardless of what they may be experiencing. But people have to recognize the problem they have and they have to see that it’s not all consuming.” –Austin Blevins, LCU Junior

Some of the highlights the campus family can look forward to throughout Out of the Darkness are the discussion groups taking place daily in Ground Zero, located in the game room of the SUB. Ground Zero received its name because often when people are stuck in the middle of a mess, they feel as though everything is crashing down and they've hit the bottom. However Ground Zero is where students can receive hope and encouragement through discussion. While participating in Out of the Darkness, students will find that they are not alone, and that other students are ready to accept, love, and help in any way.

“No one is completely void of these kinds of problems and no one is ever truly ready to face them. The students who are in charge of putting together and running Out of the Darkness are no exception. We all have things we don't want to share with the world, even our closest friends and family. That is why we do this event! We know the power of letting go of that darkness inside us and letting in the light of other Christians who bring with them Christ's love and acceptance.”—Katy Spellmann, LCU Senior

Out of the Darkness is a week unique to LCU, led by a committee of students and one staff member with the goal of giving students the opportunity to speak out and bring their issues into the light. This year’s committee leaders are Katie White, Austin Blevins, Jayson Maltby, Renee Rhodes, and Katy Spellman.

Schedules of events are posted around campus and on the LCU-Out of the Darkness Facebook page. For more information, please contact Katie White at