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Perrin Presents 2013 State of the University Address

Just completing his first year as president, Tim Perrin gave the State of the University Address to the faculty and staff of Lubbock Christian University Tuesday afternoon as a part of the faculty conference. President Perrin had the opportunity to reflect on his first year at LCU and highlight advances the university will see in the new 2013-2014 school year.

At last year’s State of the University Address, President Perrin listed five priorities he wanted faculty and staff to focus on for the 2012-2013 school year: preserving and strengthening the Christian message and heritage, expanding LCU’s financial resources, engaging LCU alumni, enriching the student experience, and telling the LCU story better. Perrin reflected on the results of each of the five priorities and found the state of the university to be in good health with a bright future.

Perrin has made personal efforts to engage the LCU alumni community through the President’s Alumni Tour. The tour has traveled to many Texas cities including points from Amarillo to Austin. President Perrin says it is the tour that never ends with his next stop being Washington, D.C.

When speaking about how essential LCU alumni are to the university, President Perrin explained, “They own our future. The extent to which we can fulfill our promise depends on their support.”

The priority of improving the student experience was a big topic of the address as President Perrin listed all the projects going on around campus that support student activity and community. President Perrin expressed that every detail is important for creating an attractive campus for students.

President Perrin expressed how impressed he was by the depth of commitment the faculty and staff had toward the university and by the emphasis LCU puts on student success. To sum the state of the university up in President Perrin’s words, “The future is bright. It’s a good time at LCU; we are on a grand adventure.”