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Scholars to Convene on LCU Campus

Each spring Lubbock Christian University showcases their top scholars in LCU’s annual Scholars Colloquium, an interdisciplinary, campus-wide forum. This academic conference begins April 17th and ends on the 19th. Students, faculty and staff present and field questions from the audience. Research posters are displayed in the Christian Development Center atrium with a session for informal questions. This year’s poster session is particularly important for those interested in the nursing profession, considering over 30 of the 52 posters will be presented by LCU nursing students.

The purpose of the Scholars Colloquium is to provide an avenue for sharing scholarly work and to give students an opportunity to participate in one of the most important elements in the quest for knowledge – the sharing of ideas, discoveries, and findings.

“It’s important for students to share ideas, plus the work displayed in posters or communicated through presentations or papers inspires other students to think critically about the world around them, as modeled by the research and scholarly work of their peers,” said Dr. Cathy Box, Scholars Colloquium committee member.

At the Scholars Colloquium there will be a wide range of topics presented, including a presentation on Adolescent Cognitive Development, which will be given by Dr. Steven Bonner and his co-presenter, Dr. Dean Culpepper. Mid-adolescence is considered a high school psychosocial developmental stage, and Dr. Bonner says he has suspected that this stage has been stretching into the college years for some time now.

“Practitioners suspect that our incoming students are less mature, but no one has been able to demonstrate why. This presentation is important as it will be the first to demonstrate and support quantitatively and qualitatively that mid-adolescence is in fact, extending!” explained Dr. Bonner.

The Scholars Colloquium will be the first time Dr. Bonner and Dr. Culpepper have publicly shared the results of their research. They hope the colloquium will offer feedback to sharpen future research so that their discoveries will be published. Ultimately their findings can change the future of how institutions like LCU handle their students.

Students will also present at the colloquium. LCU senior Allie Webb will talk about her research on E-coli in Lubbock’s urban lake ecosystem. Senior Caitlin Brinsfield will share her project titled Empowerment through Self Representation: An Auto-ethnographic Study. These presentations are only samples of the 100 presentations and 52 posters the Scholars Colloquium will offer fellow scholars this spring.

Each year the colloquium also features an internationally renowned scholar to anchor the event. This year’s key note speaker is research biologist, Dr. Haile Yancy. Dr. Yancy will speak on Celebrating Research across the Disciplines.

Dr. Yancy obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Jarvis Christian College and his Ph. D. in biology with a minor in molecular and forensic biology from the Department of Biology at Howard University. Upon completion of his degree, he began a two and a half year post-doctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. Michael J. Myers, at the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine. He is currently a senior research biologist at the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine in the Division of Animal Research. The focus of his research is to address issues relevant to the Center's mission regarding the effort to prevent the propagation of BSE, biomarker discovery and evaluation and developing methods to ensure drug and food safety.

The Scholars’ Colloquium for 2013 is chaired by Dr. Stacy Patty. Others on the committee are Dr. Box, Randal Dement, Dr. Bart Durham, Dr. Kregg Fehr, Dr. Cindy Ford, Paula Gannaway, Dr. Jesse Long, Dr. Michael Martin, and Dr. Keith Owen.

For questions on this event, please contact Randal Dement at