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Seven Students Leave for D.C. Internships

Washington, D.C. will have a mixture of current LCU students and LCU graduates as guest for the next four months. Those seven students left early Wednesday morning for the nation’s capital to complete a semester of academic internships through the LCU in Washington program.

LCU senior and economics major, Angela Crouch, is among the seven who are anxious to learn their way around Washington, D.C. Angela will work at the Consumer Goods Forum and says she is most excited about getting started on her internship. “I really look forward to learning more about our country by exploring the Capitol and gaining experience in working in a business setting this semester,” says Crouch.

Kalee Robinson is a senior sports exercise psychology major who is also journeying to the capital. For Kalee, who grew up in Lubbock and has lived in the same house for the past 21 years, moving off to D.C. for the semester is her own “moving off to college” experience.

With a mixture of sadness and excitement, Kalee comments, “I know that through this experience I will learn so much more than I ever thought possible, and that makes me excited beyond words. I strongly believe that this opportunity will not only help me in my professional career and resume building, it will help me with my personal life just as well. This will truly be my time to ‘grow up’ on my own for a few months and begin to find out who I truly am as a person. I hope to gain a new knowledge about myself, and about others.”

Kalee, who hopes to become a sports lawyer someday, will work with the DLE Agency, which specializes in representing clients from all areas of the sports and entertainment world.

Kalee started this journey to D.C. back in November. At first she was skeptical, but Dr. Patty and past LCU D.C. interns persuaded her that it was both attainable and beneficial. Numerous LCU faculty and staff helped her in this journey, whether through writing recommendation letters or simply sending her emails wishing her the best.

“LCU has been amazing in helping me along the way. I have felt so loved and encouraged the entire time. Without the support of the faculty and staff I would not be going to work at DLE Agency or even going to D.C. for that matter,” explains Kalee. “I love LCU and wouldn’t trade my experience here in any way.”

Angela and Kalee will experience this semester in D.C. with five other LCU students. Keegan McCrady, a biology graduate, will work at the Ecological Society of America. The U.S. Department of the Interior will utilize two LCU interns as accounting major, Masy Miller, and youth and family ministry major, Cameron Winegar. Crissta Morrison, a humanities English major, will intern at the Koch Institute. Finally, humanities history major, Allyson Reeves will work at a museum in D.C.

These seven LCU Washington, D.C. interns join a legacy of 25 previous interns, bringing the total participants to 32. Dr. Stacy Patty, Director of LCU in Washington, has worked tirelessly to place LCU students in D.C. internships.