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Students Lead Campus Out of the Darkness Campaign

The fourth year of LCU’s Out of the Darkness event kicked off on Monday, Feb. 23, in the McDonald Moody Auditorium. Dr. Jeff Cary was the first of a weeklong list of guest speakers to address students during their weekly 11 a.m. chapel meeting.

Out of the Darkness is a student led event funded by Flight Plan and LCU’s counseling center. A committee of seven to eight students is appointed during the fall semester, and, with the help of faculty and staff volunteers, begin planning the event, with more concrete details emerging during the spring semester.

LCU Student Involvement Coordinator, Alex Linscomb, works closely with the students and oversees the events. She explained that while the theme of Out of the Darkness changes each year. This year’s theme of “The Fallout” will focus more on spirituality and living in a broken world, whereas former events have centered on physical and mental themes.

“Even on a Christ centered campus, it’s important to take time to really focus on what our world is facing. I think that’s what this week is primarily doing. We’re facing the fallout. Our world is drastically different than what our beliefs are or what our school is founded in,” Linscomb said.

Linscomb also said that the focus of the committee is to encompass every student on campus. They want to make everyone feel welcome and create a stronger sense of community.

“The fact that it’s student led shows that students care about each other,” Linscomb said.

The week will continue with speakers from various areas of campus including LCU’s Bible Department and LCU’s student body, one being the first student athlete to speak at Out of the Darkness. The week concludes with "The Ascension," a time of prayer and worship, which Linscomb hopes ends the week on a high note for the students.