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Summer Excitement campers gather in prayer

Summer Excitement Youth Camp Hosted on LCU Campus

I also thought it might be fun for you to know that no small number of our regular leaders are LCU alumni and/or current students, and moreover, several of our leaders/alumni serve on staff at LCU. Those include:

-Kenneth Hawley

-Deborah Hawley

-Kim McCullough

-Steve Gomez

-Raymond Richardson

-Laci Richardson

-Shawn Tyler

-Cally (Burk) ???

SE has been ministering to youth, ages 8th grade through high school senior, since 1985. It's first 18 years were spent serving students on the campus of Dallas Christian College near Farmers Branch, and overseen by the Farmers Branch Church of Christ. In 2003 SE moved from Dallas to Lubbock, at which point it came under the stewardship of Quaker Avenue Church of Christ.  Regardless of its location, however, Summer Excitement has always existed to promote student leadership, Christian community, and joyous Christian living! Our current participants include 123 students, 32 college aged team leaders (aka, small group leaders), and numerous other adult support and ministry staff. Summer Excitement accomplishes its goals within a small group structure, in which all campers are placed into small group units (we call them families!), and subsequently led by one male and one female TL.  Families are composed based on age/grade, and contain an equal number of guys and girls. As such, Summer Excitement connects students to at least 10-12 other people of faith. It is very difficult for students NOT to connect to a community here, and thus connect to Christ therein. 

I would be glad to meet with you further if you would like to speak more about Summer Excitement, or to introduce you to any number of our awesome staff. 

LCU annually hosts camps like Encounter, Champion, and more during the summer months. To find out more about Encounter and other camp experiences that LCU hosts, click here or follow LCU Summer Camps on Facebook.

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