Dr. F.W. Mattox

"'Launch out into the deep,' said Christ to his disciples.  The future belongs to the students, the pioneers of today." --F.W. Mattox

Dr. Mattox came to Lubbock in 1956 after accepting the position as Lubbock Christian College’s first president.  Dr. Mattox’s contribution to the university extended far beyond his role in the day to day affairs of the new college.  In 1957 He sold his farm in Arkansas, and with the money, he bought a large collection of books, loaded them up with his own personal library and brought them to Lubbock.  These books would become the first LCU library.

Full of optimism and hope, 16 faculty members and the college administrators and staff welcomed the first class of 110 students.  Dr. Mattox would often repeat his famous statement that “any student who could have attended LCU and did not, was underprivileged.”  

Dr. Mattox was known for his vision for the future. He often leaned on the advice he received when he first arrived in Lubbock, “If this school is going to go anywhere, you’re going to have to get out in front and lead.” That is exactly what he did. Dr. Mattox was often found driving a tractor in his suit pants, bolting in the theater seats for the new auditorium, or working on plumbing under a building. His legacy of hands-on dedication lives on.