Dr. W. Joe Hacker

In 1974, Dr. W. Joe Hacker was named president of Lubbock Christian College.  Shortly before his appointment to this position, the college had become a four-year institution.  Dr. Hacker focused his attention on continuing to help the college make the transition to a strong senior institution.  Described as an analyst and an excellent fundraiser, one of Dr. Hacker main goals was to ensure financial stability for the future.  He reorganized the school’s bond program and restructured the staff.

Dr. Hacker placed emphasis on making LCU’s campus the center of student life.  He added swings to the mall area and oversaw the completion of the Mabee Student Union Building.  Prior to becoming president of LCU, Dr. Hacker was chairman of Bible, Religion and Philosophy at Harding University. His previous status confirmed the link between Harding and LCU.

Dr. Hacker resigned the presidency in October of 1976 to pursue his desire to invest more time in teaching God’s word.