Our History and Core Values

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A Heritage of Faith

Passionately pursuing student success in all aspects of life, Lubbock Christian University has been changing lives since 1957. With a rich heritage, full of faith, campus traditions, and student leadership, the campus and community at LCU are marked by generations of student life that have left behind countless exciting activities, unforgettable memories, and meaningful reminders of what it means to be Christ in the world. From the oldest tradition on campus, chapel, to the extravagance of Master Follies, LCU is a place that is bursting with life and a rich heritage of faith.

Proclamation of Values

Faith In God/Allegiance to Scripture
Our belief is that God has sustained and blessed Lubbock Christian University and will continue to do so. Therefore, we will act, trust and pray with God as the most vital force for our future. In addition, his Scripture will necessarily serve as the standard for truth and conduct.

Because of God’s love and the teaching of Scripture, we know that people are important and at the heart of Lubbock Christian University. The importance of all people will therefore be stressed in all decisions. Student satisfaction and well-being will be a concern of all who are a part of Lubbock Christian University. Faculty and Staff will be recognized with respect as those who have the ability, opportunity and responsibility to make the vision of Lubbock Christian University a reality. All interested parties such as parents, churches and others will be treated with respect because they are extremely important to the vision of Lubbock Christian University.

Continuous Improvement
The Christian life is one of growth and transformation. As a Christian institution, we value continuous growth and improvement. Every area of campus life will be expected to improve on a continuing basis. Adequate resources and opportunities will be given, over time, for such improvement to be seen and measured.

Team/Servant Spirit
Lubbock Christian University is a body. Each part is essential. No one part is more substantial in terms of importance. Team spirit is the lifestyle whereby each member will operate unselfishly for the benefit of the whole.

Alma Mater

Hail to our own Lubbock Christian, Modern Pioneers.
May His blessings rest upon you always through the years.
Ties of friendship, love unbounded, colors white and blue.
O, beloved Lubbock Christian, we'll be true to you.

Hail to thee our Alma Mater; Lubbock Christian reigns.
Born to give the light of knowledge, set on rolling plains.
Learning, character, citizenship, with Christianity.
O, beloved Lubbock Christian, we'll remember thee.

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2015