Spiritual Life

Professor speaking with student in the mall

From the moment you step foot on our campus, you will know that LCU is a special place committed to our Christian faith and fostering spiritual growth in every person. Learn and be blessed by our faculty and staff who believe working here is not just a job, but a mission of service to God and to you - the student. It is rare to find a university with so many opportunities to reach out to God with your heart and life. At LCU, you will have the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from being part of this spiritually deep, Christ-focused culture through:


God works through the deep relationships that form on our campus. Because of our small student/teacher ratio, you know and are known by your professors. The faculty will not only inspire you academically, but extend spiritual direction and personal care. Be part of a student body that has a spiritual center cultivated by these relationships with faculty as well as with other students who share a common faith. The spiritual influences from these relationships extend beyond your years at LCU and are often what are most treasured by our graduates. Countless friendships that form on our campus are kept and cherished by our alumni for a lifetime.

Worship and Devotionals


We are intentional about facilitating a deepened relationship with God through regular worship and attention to Him.

  • Daily Chapel - As a student body you will have the opportunity to worship alongside faculty and staff in a chapel service Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, building community centered on God.
  • Weekly Devotionals - You have the option to attend one of the many devotionals that take place on a weekly basis, many of which are student directed and led. 
  • Local Churches - While the atmosphere and culture at LCU are distinctively Christian, time spent here is never meant to be a replacement for involvement in a local church. Our goal is not to replace congregational involvement, but to enhance it.
  • BLUR - This student led time of worship takes place twice a semester and is open to the public. Worship is usually led by LCU’s a cappella group, Best Friends, and a lesson is given in a unique way by a key note speaker such as Dr. David Fraze, Rob Duncan, and Christian poet David Bowden. Those who have attended LCU’s summer camp Encounter will recognize the similarities between BLUR and Encounter’s nightly worship.

Deepened Knowledge of God

We challenge you to think deeply about your faith. Courses in Biblical studies and religion are part of the university's core curriculum to broaden your knowledge of the Bible and strengthen your personal spiritual walk. Guest speakers often come to our campus with informative lectures and devotional experiences that will deepen your knowledge of God.

Mission Experiences

Each spring break or summer you have the opportunity to live out your faith by joining groups of LCU students who choose to work with God all over the world on either a spring break mission experience, summer mission experience or a mission internship. The spring break mission trips are planned and led by students, allowing you to acquire front-line ministry and leadership experience and also directly engage with people who are disenfranchised and in need. This activity in Jesus' name powerfully shapes the lives of those who participate.

Local Service

Students working at Collide service project

Our student body volunteers hundreds of hours of service to the local community in a myriad of ways. Join your peers who choose to serve God through service to others as they care for the elderly, work at a local boys ranch and nearby children's home, volunteer for a community literacy program, help with the annual food drive, assist Lubbock's homeless community, or work within local congregations. Engaging in this kind of service to others opens your heart to God as He works within you, and you will discover yourself blessed by your efforts to bless others. Check out some of the service opportunities available to you.


Supporting all of the elements of our spiritual environment is a life of prayer, shared by faculty, staff and the student body. Life on our campus offers students the chance to deepen their life of prayer.

This only begins to describe the Spiritual Life experienced at LCU. We realize that all true Spiritual Life is produced by the work of God. Students, faculty and staff all benefit from these defining elements of our spiritual culture, but we do not lose sight that these elements do not shape us on their own. Ultimately, it is the work of God in our lives that truly deepens our spirits and produces spiritual formation. At LCU, we use all these elements to try to foster an openness to God's work in our lives, trusting Him to help us to grow and become more like Christ.