What are you passionate about? What did you dream about as a kid?

Police Officer? President of the United States? Teacher? Doctor?

At Lubbock Christian University, we’re here to help you unite those passions with reality. To grow your natural talents into skill. To help you discover your vocation, not just your job.

We are here to change your life.

At LCU, we know how to get you from point A to point B. We are prepared to help you with grad school applications, med school pre-requisites, and the LSAT. We want to build relationships with you, supervise your research, and look over your resume.

We want you to succeed. And we have the tools to make your success possible.

The top 3 programs, based on total number of graduates, is Nursing, Education and Business. 

Currently LCU offers over 60 different degrees and majors. And the list will continue to grow. Take a look!