Campus Life

Campus life at Lubbock Christian University is ripe with OPPORTUNITY.

Have you ever rushed a social club? Lead your peers on a mission trip to Honduras? Sung with your peers in Ukraine?

Have you ever played bingo dressed as a granny? Watched a movie at the drive-in? Played campus golf at midnight? Played on a golf course that's located on campus?

At Lubbock Christian University, YOU WILL.

LCU boasts a number of social clubs, student and professional organizations, and service opportunities, all contributing to student involvement and campus life.

Interested in singing? The music department has three different choirs – and you don’t need to be a music major to participate! (Auditions are required) Every other year the Praise Choir travels during Spring Break. Recent trips have included Eastern Europe, Eastern Australia, Ireland, and Mexico.

Interested in rushing? The LCU campus is home to eight different social clubs, four female clubs and four male clubs. Social clubs participate in intramurals, perform during Master Follies, and provide their members with several service opportunities.

Interested in leading?  Student Senate is LCU’s student council organization – a great place to dream and implement different campus events such as T.W.I.R.P. Week, Spiritual Renewal Week, Stress Relief Week, and many many more.

Interested in writing?  One of our most popular campus events is the annual Writing Carnival. Each fall the Humanities Department hosts the carnival, choosing a different book or collection of books to act as the theme. Past themes have included C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia and William Goldman’s The Princess Bride. Activities include costume contests, 24 hour reading marathon, carnival food, and writing themed carnival games.

Interested in learning? LCU hosts several different academic lectures during the year, with our most popular being the annual Scholars Colloquium. The Scholars Colloquium is a week of student lectures leading up to an esteemed keynote speaker. Last year Dr. Haile Yancy spoke, a research biologist for the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine.

Interested in serving? LCU believes in vocationally serving, with several departments leading vocational mission trips during the year. Student-led mission trips are planned each Spring Break, and the campus serves as a whole during Collide each spring.

Interested in playing? Another performance based group on campus is the band – with three varieties to choose from: Pep, Jazz, and Performance. As with choir, students do not need to be a music major to participate. (Auditions are required)

Interested in heckling? LCU competes in 11 different sports, leaving students with an endless supply of athletic events. Join the Chap Brigade in cheering on our Chaps and Lady Chaps!