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In the graduate programs at Lubbock Christian University, we are interested in more than just your academic success.  We are interested in helping you do more than make a living--we want to help you learn how to live.  

While you are studying at LCU, you will have the opportunity to prepare for life through academic achievement, spiritual fulfillment, personal responsibility, and leadership development. 


Our graduate programs incorporate our core values:

  • A faith in God and in His scripture as a framework for living
  • Respect for the people who form Lubbock Christian University—faculty, staff, and students—and their work toward making the university the best that it can be
  • A commitment to continuous improvement in the Christian tradition of growth and transformation
  • Dedication to team/servant spirit and acting selflessly for the benefit of the whole

At Lubbock Christian University, you will find faculty members who are active in their professions and who participate in cutting edge research in their disciplines.  You will find professors who are the top in their fields nationally and internationally.  Our staff members believe your success is a priority and will go the extra mile to help you. Interacting with our students will strengthen your faith and challenge your intellect.  We believe that your story will be changed and enriched by your experiences at LCU.  

The LCU Mission

Lubbock Christian University was founded by members of the Churches of Christ dedicated to restoring New Testament Christianity. To honor its heritage, the university is committed to imparting this faith and its values to future generations.

The mission of Lubbock Christian University is to educate students, imparting values for scholarship and for living. Through its baccalaureate and graduate programs, the university challenges students to think critically, to excel in their disciplines, and to model Christ.



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