Application Process

 Please refer to the LCU Catalog for the current application process information.  For further information regarding the admissions process, or for our graduate re-admittance guidelines, please contact the office of Graduate Studies at 800-933-7601, 806-720-7599, or

Applications are available online, in the office of Graduate Studies, or in any office housing a graduate program.  

Application Deadlines

2016-2017 Application Deadlines:

Grad SessionSession Start DateApp Deadline
SP17 CMarch 6February 6
SU17 A/BMay 8April 10 (Not Grad Ed)
SU17 A/BMay 29/30 (Memorial Day)May 1
SU17 CJune 26May 30 (Tuesday, due to holiday)

2017-2018 Application Deadlines:

Grad Session Session Start Date  App Deadline
FA16 A / B August 21 July 24
FA16 C October 16September 18
SP17 A / B January 8 December 11
Annual FNP App Deadline:  Jan 15th
SP17 C March 5 February 5
SU17 A/B May 7 April 9 (not Grad Ed)
SU17 A/B (Grad Ed) May 28 / 29 (Memorial Day) April 30
SU17 C June 25 May 29 (Tuesday, due to holiday)

With the exception of the MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner track, all of LCU’s graduate programs have rolling admissions*, and will accept applications at any time.  Applicants should note that some programs accept applications year-round, but have fixed start dates. 

*To ensure adequate time for consideration, applications should be completed 30 days prior to the beginning of the desired enrollment period.  Applications received or completed after this time will be processed as space and time allow.  

Meningitis Vaccination

Texas law requires the Meningitis vaccine for some university students.  See our information page for more information on the law, and on possible exemptions. 

Benefits of Earning a Master's Degree or Graduate-level Certification

Graduate work provides an opportunity to develop expertise in your current field, or to become qualified in a new area.  In the fast-paced, competitive job market of today, a graduate degree or certification can help you stand out from the crowd. 

Statistics show that people with graduate work on their resume typically earn significantly more over the course of their lifetime than people who hold only a Bachelor’s degree. 

What Master's degrees does Lubbock Christian offer?

LCU offers Master's degrees in the following areas:   

We also offer a Master’s degree in Social Work through a cooperative effort with the University of Texas in Arlington.  Contact Dr. Jill Fuller for more information on this degree.

How long does it take to earn a Master's Degree?

Although the number of hours required to earn a degree varies, several of our degrees can be completed in as few as six semesters*.  All of our degrees currently require a comprehensive exam instead of a thesis.  Some degrees may require a hands-on internship or practicum as part of the curriculum.  

LCU also offers graduate-level certifications in the Graduate Education department.  These include Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certification and certifications for Master’s holders who wish to become Principals or Superintendents.  These certification programs require between fifteen and twenty-five credit hours.

With a combination of evening and weekend classes; lecture-based, hybrid, or online coursework; and both the traditional sixteen week and the more modern eight week sessions, LCU provides a plethora of enrollment options.  The flexible schedule and formats allow most students to enroll without making changes to their employment as they work to earn a Master’s degree or certification.  In fact, the majority of our graduate students are the full-time caretakers of their children and home, are homeschool educators, or are employed full-time outside of the home.