December 31 1969

December 31 1969

December 31 1969

Take charge of your college experience. Use this guide to transfer to the best university for you.

Find the best community and campus with these transfer tips.

choose transfer university guide

Attending a four-year, accredited university prepares you to succeed well beyond graduation. Learn more about which schools can put you on that path to success by using our How to Choose the Right Transfer University guide to evaluate your goals and community college coursework, then form your ultimate plan to get accepted into into your transfer university. With this guide, you will learn key tips as you discover how to:

  • Connect with campus officials and schedule your campus visit
  • Research financial aid for transfer students
  • Learn what you can expect from your new campus community to become your best
  • Prepare your transfer application to Lubbock Christian University

Choose the right transfer university for you, all with ease. Download now!

Get one step closer to completing your transfer with this guide.