Tuition and Financial Aid

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The Value of a College Degree

Aside from sheer earning potential, getting a bachelor's degree is a good career move. Investing in your college education positions you to succeed in your career as research data has repeatedly shown a positive correlation between corporate advancement and education level. Also, alumni of LCU reap the benefits of having lifelong connections with working professionals around the globe. Unlike other investments, the value of a college degree will only increase over time. 

A college degree is clearly an investment - in you, in your future, and in the state, nation, and churches you participate in. In short, it is clear - this is an investment worth making! 

We know that you are overburdened with expenses and paying for college tuition isn't an easy load to bear. That's why at LCU we have worked very hard to keep our price point around that of our competitor state schools and almost $10,000 less than the average cost of private school attendance. 

Financial Aid Opportunities Abound

Along with our lower price point, Lubbock Christian University also has a very generous scholarship and grant program. In fact, last year 82% of our student body were awarded institutional grants. That's money you never have to pay back! 

Give Lubbock Christian University and its financial aid opportunities a chance to work for you by applying for the many scholarships, grants, loans and other programs that are available today.

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2015