Be Engaged.

Engage with the mission and vision of LCU even after you have graduated. Volunteer to help or even host one of our events, give back financially to a campaign, or join us on one of our University Travels across the globe.


Volunteer opportunities are always available. Lend a hand at one of our events on campus or in the area. Join us during Move-In Day to welcome incoming freshmen and their families and help them move in. You can even help us host and put together events during Homecoming.

To learn more about current volunteer opportunities through Alumni Relations, contact us at or by phone at 806.720.7218.

Support the Vision

Last year, LCU awarded $9 million in scholarships and tuition credits to students who might not otherwise be able to attend college. Work like this is made possible in large part to the generous giving of our Alumni Connection.

Whether contributing to a building fund, the general fund, scholarship funds, or memorial funds, every dollar goes to furthering and supporting the vision of changing lives.

Learn the different ways you might be able to give back to the vision of LCU or give online to one of our current campaigns.

We would like to announce exciting changes in our travel program.  We will now be called LCU Travels.  LCU Travels will build on the foundation of University Tours and expand the range of travel opportunities hosted by LCU.  Our goal is to offer experiences that will appeal to a wide range of people:  seniors, students, friends, family, and of course our beloved Alumni.  Let us continue to do the work for you and avoid spending hours online trying to figure out where to go, where to stay, what to see, and how to get around.  Travel in good company and leave your worries at home!

For more information on upcoming destinations or how to register for a tour, contact Kim Wheeler at or at 806.720.7238.