Britton (Britt) Clint Gardner

Years attended LCU: 1989-1991
Current Residence: Dallas, Ft. Worth, Tx area
Occupation: Assistant Special Agent in Charge
Employer: United States Secret Service
Family Info:

  • Wife- Charity Ann Gardner
  • Daughter- Sheridan Gardner (20)
  • Daughter- Ashton Gardner (18)
  • Step Daughter-Lillian Smith (7)

Interests/Current Involvements: My job as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the George W. Bush Protective Division of the United States Secret Service takes up a great deal of my time. I have been a Secret Service Agent for over 17 years. I worked on the President's Detail at the White House, The Vice President's Detail in Washington, the Counter Assault Team (secret service swat team) at the White House, and as a Diplomat at the US Embassy in Rome, Italy. My career has taken me to 75 countries on 5 continents and 48 states. I am interested in education. I have a BA in Political Science and a Masters in Diplomacy. I've learned to speak other languages and I love travel. My wife and I are part of a Christian Non-Profit that does missions work around the world in war-torn countries. It is called No Greater Commission. It is a wonderful ministry organization and has become our passion outside of work and the kids. We also run races and hike and kayak and serve however we can. 

Biggest Challenge/Greatest Achievement: My greatest achievement is raising beautiful and well adjusted Godly Daughters. It has also been my biggest and most worthwhile challenge. Other challenges I have faced are taking our President and Vice President to places such as Iraq and Afghanistan and being a part of a relatively small team that keeps them safe. In this age of conflict, there are significant challenges to confront every day.

LCU Memory: I remember pledging KOINONIA.....and the friendships I made that have lasted a life time.


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